New PlayStation Store discounts: Save on The Order: 1886 & portable classics - Europe

PS Blog:
Half term holidays are closing in, and there’s surely no better way to spend the time than on a few new games, right? Which is where this week’s new deals come in. We’ve got discounts on PSP and PS Vita classics, from Persona 3 Portable to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

For the deal of the week, The Order: 1886 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse (see locale availability below) are being made available at a cut price, so head on over to later today to pick it up.

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greenmiker1103d ago

Not bad 32€ for Order for PS Plus members.

Khajiit861103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

I cant wait to play that game but am not spending more than $25 for it.

Driveclub is only $20 at gamestop in store and has been for a while, the only problem is they never have it in stock.

donwel1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

A fair few good deals here. Also I've literally been looking at that Harvest Moon game for the last week or so debating on whether to buy it or not. Quite glad I held off now :)

grashopper1103d ago

Nice to see the region in the title. :)

paul-p19881103d ago

The region has ALWAYS been in the URL though, doesn't take long to glance down and see EU in it. I do the same thing when I see PSN sale in the title, if it has US in the URL it isn't for me so I just move on...instead of moan like a few people have the last few weeks on ANY EU news/deals...

grashopper1102d ago

You don't get the url on the main news page though. If you are in a area with bad signal it's a pain clicking on a article and watching it slowly load then see the EU url.

Hanso1103d ago

Got The Order 1886 and La Mulana for my Vita

RosweeSon1103d ago

Gonna be a couple of PSP games for me this month then, I'll grab Gran turismo whilst it's cheap.