Sony’s Morpheus might be the better, more accessible VR option

Whether you like it or not, Virtual Reality is becoming a big thing. Again. The hyper, digital worlds afforded by video games are going to become more immersive, more engaging, and frightfully more expensive. As we’ve seen from the required specs for the Facebook owned Oculus Rift, you’re going to need a fancy machine to even experience VR, with an NVidia GTX 970 as the minimum spec. We don’t know what HTC and Valve’s Vive will need when it’s finally out. That will be released on Valve time though, and will also likely cost a fortune, and require some equally beefy specs. It’s all starting to make Sony’s PlayStation 4 VR headset, Morpheus, a lot more appealing.

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DEEBO1010d ago

Yeah I remember the 3d tv fad because I have one but I hope this does better then 3d.

Plus i'm not just going with one company on this technology, MS and others have something coming out too.

Perjoss1010d ago

I honestly don't see how VR is going to work on consoles, its stereoscopic 3D by default so needs to be rendered twice. The PS4 and XB1 struggle to render good looking games at 1080p, how will they render these images twice? either the resolution will have to take a serious hit or we will only see VR games that are quite low in graphical fidelity.

WeAreLegion1010d ago

So, you're just going to ignore all the previews online saying Morpheus works incredibly well?

TheCommentator1010d ago

Just like all the positive feedback of the Kinect/ Kinect 2.0 before it released? Or the move controls? Even Nintendo had to come out with Motion Plus to try to make the Wiimotes work like they promised at launch. Tech demos and impressed press don't always translate the hype to the real world.

LifeInNZ1010d ago

I have no doubt that it works incredibly well, tech demos are designed to show things off in a controlled environment. I will wait and see what games actually make use of VR and how they compare to playing the game normally. I was so looking forward to playing GT5 in 3D until I actually played it in 3D. I'm sure something will have to be sacrificed for VR gaming, I just hope we dont end up with a bunch of next gen EyeToy games.

I_am_Batman1010d ago

Graphics don't need to be realistic to work in vr though. You can have a beautiful game that isn't too demanding for the PS4 even if it has to render in stereoscopic 3D and 60fps because it doesn't strive for realism.

Perjoss1010d ago

Yes but realistic graphics always help when it comes to immersion, isn't that what VR is all about?

I_am_Batman1010d ago

The thing is if you're going for realism in vr everything that isn't exactly right will catch your eye immediately.

Ideally you'd need a very high resolution and well above 60fps for vr to be really enjoyable. Obviously realism is what will be the goal but we don't really have hardware powerful enough to run realistic simulations at such parameters.

And a non-realistic artstyle that meets those parameters will be much more enjoyable than semi-realistic graphics with lower resolutions, non-fluid framerates or aliasing.

TheCommentator1010d ago

Anything that's not natively rendered in 3d becomes immediately obvious when 3d viewing. 2d smoke instead of using a particle system is one example. When every 2d disc of smoke can be seen in 3d space it looks awful, but it looks fine on a 2d tv. Graphics need to look better for VR to work well, not worse.

rainslacker1009d ago

There will be things that wouldn't be suitable for rendering in stereoscopic 3D, which is why they won't be used. One of the most obvious is grass. Grass is rendered on 2D planes, and then the plane moves to face directly at the camera. It's a cheap and effective way to have large areas of grass without taking up all the GPU resources. That isn't going to work on VR, so you'll likely see fewer environment details in this regard.

Basically, if you don't go into the first wave of new VR tech with the expectation of it looking like The Order, then you probably won't be disappointed. The idea of VR is more the experience than the look. Somewhere between PS2 and PS3 graphics is probably a reasonable expectation.

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uth111010d ago

Morpheus has some tech that boosts frame rates. PS4 is certainly capable of rendering beautiful graphics at 1080p.

Dir_en_grey1010d ago

The tech demos they show for Morpheus already have better looking graphics then all the Oculus Rift games out there running on PC.

jhoward5851010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )


Its called re-projection, Sony are using a cheating method to render scene .

Its simply rendering one of the two frames while the 2nd frame is a snapshot loaded on to memory, and both frame type that are loaded on to memory are reprojected yet shuffling those frame on screen in a chronological order, sort of like a paper flip book. Good thing the ps4 had a very fast Ram to make this process work.

Though, I'm willing to bet that the same mutiplat game on oculus and PM will have very different loading time.

Another thing, This demo proves that there might be a joint relationship between Sony and facebook to get VR off to a good start. One way to make this happen is to make a single dev kit that is scalable between both hardware. Haven't you noticed how many multiplat games are on both oculus and PM so far?

rainslacker1009d ago

They would be very well off to be working together. If there are competing technologies in this then it's likely going to split the market for the few VR devs that are going to be out there at the start. Not saying they can't market them seperately, but they should have the back end(engines and API's) be compatible enough to enable easy porting to keep software counts high. The last thing either company wants is limited support. That's been why all VR ventures have failed in the past. There wasn't enough software to justify the entry price.

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ToxicSushi1010d ago

Kudos to for the icon/photo for this posting with Morpheus and his blue shades sitting in a boss chair!

pompombrum1010d ago

Sony are probably in the best position in terms of making it mainstream but ultimately in will boil down to affordability I think. At least with Sony we know they'll really push for it with the support like they did with 3d gaming and move compatibility.

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