The True Australian Xbox Experience - Is it worth it . . . ?

With the Aussie dollar performing so well of late the question has to be asked, why do we pay so much for Xbox LIVE?

DarkArmada writes: "It's a fairly straight forward concept, one that is utilized by sales people the world over and is a common explanation for "is this really worth the money" type questions. In Australia we pay $AUD79.95 per year (RRP) for access to Xbox LIVE. For reference, that is about $6.66 per month (spooky) and just under $1.54 per week. This year, we'll have paid just 0.22 per day to access Xbox LIVE. Why does this matter? For starters, let's remember that Xbox LIVE is not considered an "item" or a real-world-goods we can hold in our hands, it is simply a service. Secondly, we do not have local access to Xbox LIVE, we run off of the US Marketplace servers."

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Hunter863803d ago

Very interesting read. Can't wait to see part 2.

mesh13803d ago

xbox oz 360 has a secret aganeda they always criticize the 360 very strange

XboxOZ3603803d ago

What do you mean secret agenda . . We support the 360 as a platform, we enjoy the games, but that does not mean we have to put up with things that do not support us when it comes to getting good service. Just because you like something, does not mean you lay down and let that something walk all over you. You speak out, otherwise nothing happens.

No wonder you only have one bubble mate . . . hehehehe

But seriously, there's certainly no secret agenda here.

Immortal Kaim3803d ago

I feel the same, It is quite disheartening to hear about all these great new additions coming to Xboxlive yet we in Aus still haven't got the features that have been enjoyed by our American friends for years.

MazzingerZ3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

This is not applicable only for you guys in Australia but most for Europe as in Scandinavia the only thing I found during a year in that Video Marketplace was a Robin Williams vide for 2400 MS points I think.

Certainly we we pay more if you use the currency exchange but that's very subjective I really don't pay attention to that I'm ok with paying for a service worth it but not for half XBL service like it is the case for most of the people outside US...we practically pay for PLAYING ONLINE and DEMOS

PLAYING ONLINE: Peer to Peer, which means that our internet connections are used to host matches, I have no problem with that I have 20 mbps upload so I can be a good host but the problem is that the service doesn't seem to care about that...

Everybody talk about the high standards of XBL, QA, etc, etc...but I have yet to see a game that stops your from hosting a match your connection can't handle...PEER-TO-PEER is not bad if you:

- Restrict who can host public matches for a certain number of players
- Ranked matchmaking chooses always best host
- Allow dedicated hosting so people with good connection can share it

Why MSFT doesn't demand this from developers?

DEMOS: Released by the publisher for free, both XBL and PSN get them so why to charge or lock them for silver members during 2 weeks?

In the past we payed for peer-to-peer online gaming and today it's still the same.

I get the same demos on PSN, have friend list, can message friends (soon over from my PC as well...silver XBL can't do that anymore), now in-game message works fine, still missing in-game chat otherwise today I can chat with up to 6 friends at the same time and share pictures, I have yet to experience lag when playing online in the PS3...I get themes and wallpapers every week for free, themes completely change the look of your XMB, a real theme.

My conclusion is that today XBL charges you for chatting in-game.

IMO XBL is well worth the money in the US and I feel MSFT don't care much about the PAL and Japanese regions, they're fully focused in the US market now and good for US gamers, it's after all MSFT homeland and we shouldn't complain if we have another choice like PSN, it's not like XBL is the only service where you can play AAA games today. Free will.

Immortal Kaim3803d ago

Yeah mate, I understand it's certainly not just Australia that suffers but as you said, most Pal regions.

Lew_Ijgee3803d ago

That was long but interesting enough for me to read the whole thing.

BTW: I LOVED MazzingerZ as a kid. My mom could never pull me away from the TV when it was on. Wish I could give you another bubble for that.

MazzingerZ3802d ago

Thx man! Yeah the grand dad of all the "mechas" :)

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ice_prophecy3803d ago

Strong reason why I didn't get a 360. I can understand that the LIVE feature is worth every penny in the US. But here in Australia. It doesn't take you very far past what the PS3 does already without that surcharge.

gaminoz3803d ago

It does make you wonder why we pay more for less....
I'm not sure that it is good value for just the online gaming aspect. I think the price needs to come down or services need to jump up.

Sony will keep bashing the 360 with the free online aspect too. Since they want people more involved online then perhaps dropping the price would be wise, despite the costs involved?

Acj23233803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I Agree as everyone else should, the only reason the Xbox is not getting thrashed by the PS3 in my mind it is because of the community already out there on XBL and the game range that M$ has to offer.

This was possible and well helped out by the launch before the PS3, despite the fact because of it we have received an untested machine that receives so much hardware problems

ice_prophecy3803d ago

Or at the very least region appropriate prices.

Chuck Norris3803d ago

Basically, you pay MS for letting you use your internet connection, which you are already paying on a monthly or yearly basis, to play online games. It would be understandable if MS offered dedicated servers however, this isn't the case.

Then again, there are far more worse problems with MS than Live.

SL1M DADDY3803d ago

I can't. No, it has nothing to do with the possibility of you opening up a can of whoop-arse on me but rather the fact that you are tight on the money here. MS is making people pay to play online with their console... This is something that is free for PC, PS3, and just about every other device I can think of. It's just not worth it anymore (and in my opinion never was) now that there are other places to play online and for free.

It would explain the jump in subscriptions to the PSN over the last year. They went from 5 million sub so 10 million in just a year!

It's the power of free!

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