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"The House of Wolves represents everything we hate about Destiny; a glorified grind without the veneer of an appreciable narrative to even fool ourselves into thinking this is really something new. This title would make a better fit in a Casino."

Gameondaily reviews the latest expansion. [PvE elements reviewed only]

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Volkama1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Ah Destiny, the game that keeps on giving. Really really disappointing gifts. That cost quite a lot.

3-4-51184d ago

4/10 ? Are you kidding ?

* I enjoyed the new content and I haven't even experienced all or hardly any of it yet.

* I've never done raids though. I play at my own pace, do a lot of crucible and just patrol and enjoy the world they've built.

* I find when I worry about what I'm " supposed to be doing" or what " everyone else is doing", it actually takes away from the game.

* So for me Destiny is probably something different that what the hardcore destiny raiders have been playing but I've still had a very enjoyable and memorable experience.

The PvP is still far and away the best FPS this gen.

Best 3rd person shooter = Plants vs Zombies: GW

Best First person shooter = Destiny.

The smooth controls, no lag, just enough abilities, pacing is nice, good map layout, atmosphere and sound is good, solid visuals, cool art style.

I like what Destiny is.

It's the closest thing I have to Star Wars.

Warlock = Jedi

Titan = Stormtrooper

Hunter = Bounty Hunter

Bikes are speeders and so on.....

So for me I just kind of enjoy my players role in all of this and allow myself to get sucked into the world and appreciate it for what it is.

* So because of that, it's harder for games to disappoint me, in that I don't have unrealistic expectations.

* It added more for me to do, more for me to earn and work towards, more maps to PvP on, more bounties, more gear, more factions.

It's still a bit Raw in terms of what Destiny will be 3-4 years from now, but it's slowly erasing many of the complaints people had.

At this point, most of the hate is just that, people wanting what they want....not getting it, and just getting angry at the game as if it's the games fault.

* We want more...there are many improvements to make but the thing is, it already does more right than 80% of other games, and that is with the faults it has.

Destiny is a 10 year plan.

Destiny that we've played is the testing grounds for what the next installment will be.

They could never have internally tested everything to please us so they needed millions of our honest opinions via us playing the game to see the direction they need to go.

* You don't want to head down a 10 year path nobody wants to walk.

* Now they know what we like, dislike, and want...they can start veering the game in that direction.

We have yet to see a HUGE DLC like the September one will be though.

* I'm content with Destiny as is, but it's not my only game, I'm currently gaming on 3DS, PSP, Vita, PC, Wii U & XB1, so if Destiny is missing something, I can find it elsewhere.

I'm not dependent on Destiny like some of you are.

Novistador1184d ago

"We have yet to see a HUGE DLC like the September one will be though. "

Keep telling yourself that, maybe after you spend 100$+ it will be a good game. And come on, really? closest thing to star wars? Why not go play The old republic, hell for the amount of money you spent on this game you could have had a blast in Swtor.

Toon_Link1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

You have to factor price, the biggest complaint I have is the cost compared to what I get even with the guardian edition I don't see a 15 dollar value in it.
Yes the game is fun but very repetitive and this "expansion" doesn't help much. Either way I'll give it a try but I'm not happy with my guardian edition purchase.

Volkama1184d ago

To answer your first question: Yes I am usually kidding, but no I did not write this review.

Giving that you either started on a misconception or you weren't actually replying to me, I didn't read the rest so I can't really address anything you said lol

JasonKCK1184d ago

3-4-5 you could have just said "I love Destiny, DLC, hype, Bungie, Activision, and will defend to the death" could have saved you a lot of typing.

Destiny is what happens when gamers buy the hype instead of the game.

HammadTheBeast1184d ago

Let's be real. Destiny has spot on shooter mechanics from Bungie's experience with the Halo series, but that's about it.

It was overhyped, it's DLC is overhyped, and we can keep hoping that it'll magically become worth playing one day, but at the end of the day, are you really ok with shelling out another $50, $100 in the hopes that maybe they'll make it better?

WilDRangeRfc1184d ago

Titanfall pvp is the best FPS this gen EASILY,Destiny is not in the same leaugue.
I still hop on TF from time to time,lack of content is the only flaw,I cancelled Destiny pre-order after Beta on my PS4,the game is garbage

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Why o why1184d ago

Too bad, I was looking forward to this. Destiny needs something more dynamic to freshen it up imo.

Septic1184d ago

If you are a MASSIVE Destiny fan and by that I mean someone who has been doing the nightfalls and weeklies every week and have rinsed all the raids and play PvP a lot then maybe you might enjoy the fresh content. But if you haven't bought the expansion and were reserving judgment, then I would not recommend this.

pompombrum1184d ago

Spot on really, there is nothing in HoW that I can excitedly talk about to my friends to try and convince them to come back to. Having said that, most of the people I play with seem happy with it but they are all loot addicts.

Neonridr1184d ago

agreed Septic. After playing basically the Vault and Crota's End over and over again for the past two months sprinkling in some Nightfalls/Weeklies along with the occasional repetitious bounty this expansion is a breath of fresh air.

So far all I managed to do was some of the newer bounties along with 2 or 3 of the story missions. Haven't had a chance to delve into the Prison which is what I am looking forward to the most.

I guess time will tell if this new content will help tide me over until the next expansion in the fall or whenever..

Allsystemgamer1184d ago

I am a destiny fan. And my friends and we were so mad when this dropped. We felt cheated again and we won't buy any more destiny content.

rezzah1184d ago

Destiny one is just a test, Bungie is still working on what they want this game to be, and how it will please the fans at the same time.

To really judge it as a series we need to see the future releases, to see how they decide its longevity. As of now, that is based on the randomness of rewards no matter the effort you put into whatever mode they throw at you. The randomness lacks a sense of achievement so the real enjoyment comes from playing with others or playing competitively alone. These two reasons are found throughout most multiplayer games, but there is something that makes Destiny worthwhile over other games and that is the gunplay. The gunplay is key for Destiny, because the multiplayer reasons are just general, not specific to the game. The second thing specific to Destiny that people find enjoyable is the Raids, due to level design. They can be considered second to the gunplay in terms of importance to Destiny, and is likely the reason why many are angry at the removal of the House of Wolves raid. However, some look past the removal of the raid and accept the new arena. Forgiving the removal of the raid for enjoyment of the arena shows the gunplay is more important than the raid to some or most, preferences of course.

Well that's my take on Destiny so far, I still play but want to see the series become something not shallow. I've been saying this from the beginning, this series has so much ****ing potential...must be that gunplay.

Yama1184d ago

To be fair, that sure is an expensive "test."

rezzah1184d ago

I agree, it is like people paying to play a beta without informing them it is a beta.

So mich content changed and money given as they try to figure out what they want the game to be.

StrayaKNT1184d ago

Destiny is a good idea executed poorly

3-4-51184d ago

Not really. They do more right than wrong, but it gets clicks and hits on sites to keep acting negative about it.

Negativity is the new sells even better.

gangsta_red1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Or it can be just as bad as a lot of people, even on this very thread, are saying.

rawrock1184d ago

So far I have enjoyed the new dlc...

Septic1184d ago

And that's fair enough and I'm glad that you're happy.

Reading on the sentiments of others, particularly on NeoGaf, I was frankly really surprised by the fact that people on there were happy with the content. We weren't and some of us have dedicated loads of hours to this.

ChronoJoe1184d ago

I'm not too disappointed with this one either. I think it's the new hub, as it gives the relatively false impression that the DLC offers more content than it does, because the DLC spawns from a new area.

Also, it came with a lot of general improvements that were much appreciated, such as the ability to upgrade any gear, boosted rewards for crucible etc, so those assist making it seem as though this DLC adds more than it does.

OrangePowerz1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I'm a bit curious on the exclusion of the PvP content from the review. The DLC pack is the DLC pack so don't you agree that it should be reviewed as a whole especially for a game where PvP plays a big role?

Septic1184d ago


A separate review will be published for the PvP

Thunder_G0d_Bane1184d ago

That is a very misleading review if you left out the PVP section of the DLC Septic tbh.

I've not played this DLC as Witcher 3 is all i care about for the next few months atleast lol.

But Orange makes a point your review says House of Wolves and you have made it appear that you have reviewed the full DLC (from the title) instead of just one aspect.

Septic1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

The first thing you see in the review is a disclaimer that its for the pve element only. What's the problem?

It even says it in the description here. There's nothing misleading here.

TekKing1184d ago

Reviewing only the PvE element of a game that blends both seamlessly is retarded. It would make more sense to review a game like CoD's single player separately from its multiplayer.

It just goes to show why this review is already a joke.

Septic1184d ago


What? How does Destiny blend pvp and pve seamlessly?? They are separate modes lol.

SgtSlaughter2121184d ago

I've dedicated MANY hours to Destiny and I have to say I disagree with your take. I am one of the Gafers you reference above and am fairly happy with the DLC overall.

I could go into the reasons as to why it's a solid DLC but it's really not worth your time or mine as it's just my opinion.

Destiny is a polarizing game to say the least so I'm not sure why you're "surprised" that a lot of people really dig on the DLC while some others may not. Sounds like a pretty obvious consumer response to me. Honestly, if you've dumped as many hours as you claim into the game, I'm surprised you weren't positive on it given the debacle that was TDB.

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rezzah1184d ago

I like this review.


Everything looks new, but one can easily see (if they are not ignorant) that it is all just a new coat of paint.

At first I thought the levels to be interesting and unique until I realised they were just backwards, lol.

It is sad really, which is why I will hold off on buying another Destiny/Comet until they make a Destiny game that releases only on current consoles, and does not mimic what this first game already is.

GameSpawn1184d ago

Have you used the new sidearm class of weapons?

Vestian Dynasty is fun as hell. It chews through ANYTHING with arc shields and has perks that (depending on your choice) do extra damage versus Fallen or suppress Fallen Captain's abilities (aka their incessant teleporting).

The new bounties, which are truer to that name, are quite fun and have caused a rush of similar leveled people into the patrol areas that were once before very barren.

I still have yet to run the Prison of Elders (ran out of time last night).

Yes the additional story content can be finished up in a few hours (more or less depending if you play the level 28, 30, or 32 versions - I played them all at 30 since I'm 31) but the additional Petra bounties will keep you coming back not to mention the Prison and if you're a PvP nut the Trials. With my play-style doing bounties every day I used to have just enough time to finish most or all the bounties on all three of my characters, but I'm going to struggle to get two done per day now (one a day until I can finish the story on all three characters).

DaPrintz1184d ago

I also am really enjoying it with my group. The only gripe I have is there is no 6-man activities. It took quite a while for many players to find a regular raiding party. Now that the prison is out, we are forced to fragment our groups. That has left out our not as talented players, because a few of them just can't pull their own weight. Great guys, but if we want to pass 35 level prison, they're just not an option. Other then that, I like the new strike, prison, and reeeaaalllyy like the weapon rerolling. That to me is a huge deal. Now all we need is a way to roll the perks on the gear. The ability to ascend any legendary gear and weapons is also a game changer. Everyone used to look the same, problem solved.

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