Microsoft offers free EA Access for referring a friend to Xbox One

Microsoft has launched a new promotion offering Xbox One users a free 12-month subscription to EA Access for referring a friend to Xbox One.

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lelo2play1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

"Xbox One users a free 12-month subscription to EA Access"

It's a good deal... but instead of offering 12-month subscription to EA Access, they could offer 6 months XBL Gold and 6 months EA Access, to use them combined. Lots of online games on EA Access...

BTW, funny thing. When Microsoft does a promotion, they are desperate. When Sony does a promotion, it's a good deal. Fanboys really are ignorant and dumb as a door knob. LOL.

Ristul1039d ago

I think the Xbox division comes across that way b/c they invest and buy marketshare without turning a profit. Sure Microsoft can afford it, but it just looks like a desperate attempt to buy your way into the console market.

Grap1039d ago

so? you don't want them buy you into your console? what is your losses? dear precious sony lose share of market? what are you a stake holder now?

Ristul1039d ago

Grap: When businesses fall into profit-killing price wars the big winner is the one who figures out how to exit first.

No, I don't mind paying resonable prices if it supports the very hobby I enjoy.

BiggerBoss1039d ago

But, it is MS being desperate. Theyre not giving you free goodies just because youre their friend. Theyre doing it because XB1 is being outsold, and they need to change that somehow.

Regardless of the motives however, free stuff is free stuff. This is good for Xbox players:)

lelo2play1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

When Sony gives away free games or free goodies with their consoles or bundles, what does that mean? Does it mean Sony is your friend? Are they just being kind?
Sony deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, because they are good and kind. /s

Seriously! When Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo offer free stuff, of course it's comes with second intentions. They want you to purchase their product... Simple as that.
NO, they are not your friends. It's business.

Ristul1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

BiggerBoss: Yeah, it's good in the short term for Xbox players, but with Microsoft's trackrecord of creating monopoly in some PC sectors I would not look forward to a future where Microsoft simply "took the loss" at the expense of other companies like Nintendo and Sony. That would not be good for anyone but Microsoft in the end.

BiggerBoss1039d ago

@lelo i agree, when Sony does promotions, its because they want to persuade consumers into buying the Ps4. Business is business.

@Ristul I dont think MS will just "take the loss" in a substantial way. Im sure the Xbox division is given a budget, and all these freebies are just coming out of that budget.

rainslacker1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Does Sony do a lot of this free promotional stuff? I see it occasionally, but it does seem to be a monthly thing from MS. MS wasn't doing a lot of this last gen, nor was Sony. Just the occasional marketing promotions. I see a lot of stores, particularly in the UK, do a lot of promotions for both, but I always just assumed it was a different retail market than the US.

Marketing is marketing. You either spend a few million on a commercial which may return investment, or you send out a bunch of emails and advertise to your current customers to get new customers with a rather small cost per unit turnaround. Seems like the better way to go to me.

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iTechHeads1039d ago

This actually IS a pretty desperate move.

When has Sony done any sort of promotion or something that you would call desperate? I'd love to hear it.

-MIcrosoft has unbundled Kinect(after saying they wouldn't and that it is essential for XB1 use).
-Microsoft has done tons of free game promotions, usually in the form of bundles.
-Microsoft cut the price of the XB1 from $499 to $399 to $349 all in less than a year.
-Microsoft says the $349 price was a limited time offer, so act fast.(BUT HERE WE ARE 7 MONTHS LATER AND THE PRICE IS STILL $349)
-Now its this refer-a-friend thing.

It's not 1 promotion or something that makes Microsoft desperate. IT'S THE PATTERN.

and why wouldn't Microsoft be desperate though? They lost a lot of ground entering this new generation and they are getting pummeled by the PS4, even in their strongest region(US).

cfc831039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Got it for a month, but it kinda sucks. I got rid of hardline before 10 hour trial ran out, already have bf4, and the rest of access is pretty much sports games. I dunno why ps4 players would want this. Not renewing, and to be honest i prefer the free apps anyway.

kenmid1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

maybe to play sports games, get 10% off ea games, and get early access to games, that would be guess why a ps4 player would want this. What does that even mean you prefer free apps?

cfc831039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Well basically it's 10% off games that are too expensive anyway. The rest is a marketing ploy. Sony were right to tell them to piss off. EA servers suck, maybe they should invest more in those. As for preferring free apps, well ea access is an app, and i think folks would get more entertainment out of the freebies.

iTechHeads1039d ago

I think most people prefer playing NEW sports games though.

hades071039d ago

Mostly what EA has released for the new generation is sports titles, wait a year or so when they add titles like Dragon Age, Battlefront, Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge.

marlinfan101039d ago

Haha so because you don't enjoy the gsmes offered in ea access that means no one would? Okay..

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XeyedGamer1039d ago

No confidence in a repeat npd against PS4 this month, it seems.

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