Destiny fans wolf down Prison of Elders' hardest challenge

The race to beat Destiny's toughest new challenge is over.

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Godz Kastro1032d ago

Ill tell you what, this game is fun as I don't know what with friends. I don't think you feel as rewarded if you are playing alone. Its almost like a hangout. I don't support all their practices but at the end of the day it fun.

It doesn't mean ill support anything. I was really hype for evolve until all the day one dlc and feeble SP attempt. Didnt buy it and don't plan to until it drops to roughly $20.

bennissimo1032d ago

And that's the exact reason I never bought Destiny. Their crappy matchmaking requires that you game with friends, and I'm at a point in my life where the few friends I have who do still game don't want to commit to a grindfest like Destiny. If I were twenty years younger, I'd probably really enjoy the game.

Hereiamhereibe21032d ago

Old dudes play all sorts of mmos.

GameSpawn1032d ago


You can probably find an older more mature group on Reddit. The LFGs, while quicker to form groups through, will net LOTs of teenagers and immature players. You can still get the occasional person who is mature and awesome and doesn't talk incessantly or BS around - they lead and coordinate and take their time with new things (I actually had a great experience with an LFG group for the Nightfall last night - though one player was NAT'ed for me though the other guy was able to relay for us; super nice).

Also, you can join a clan on Bungie's site to find regular groups to run with. Between this and Reddit you can probably get a list of 10 people to play frequently with.

bennissimo1032d ago

I don't care about meeting new people in game space. If I'm to play a game like Destiny, it's with RL friends or not at all. I just don't have time to spend playing a game like that where I can't simultaneously consider it time in which to catch up with buddies around the country.

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