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"We've played a lot of The Witcher 3 at GameSpot this past week so we invited Jason Oestreicher from Giant Bomb to exchange stories about our adventures, and talk about the difference in quality between PC and consoles."

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cfc831102d ago

Just let people enjoy whatever version they have. The story and characters are a hell of alot more important than a few frames and sharper textures or whatever. I played the w itcher 2 port on console and loved it. I know it wasn't the best port, but it was still one of my favourite games due to sheer substance.

Khajiit861102d ago

I agree. But if I could have better graphics then Ill try and get better graphics. Just think, Witcher 3 looks amazing on your console and imagine how good it looks on a decent gaming rig. One of the most exciting things about going next gen every gen is the graphics improvements, so obviously people care about graphics.

jv19911102d ago

Its not only graphics every gen we get even bigger games then last gen. I dont really care about graphics and frame rate. If the game looks good as it is and plays good and is fun im down for it. Pc players only want nicer graphics and frame rate. Back in the days of ps1/2 graphics were not great but did it matter? I didnt think so :)

cfc831102d ago

Well i dunno, the best looking games got bashed a bit. The order and ryse got alot of stick, and infamous to a lesser extent. I think there are alot of gamers who want new gen to bring more variety and more characters, sharper a.i, and more detail etc. Bloodborne is supposed to be tough, yet has probably been received as the best next gen game. I don't think graphics are the main reason players liked that.

Seafort1102d ago


Well that's not true. I'm a PC gamer and I play all sorts of games from Terraria to Rust to Witcher 3 and many more games that console gamers will have never even heard of.

Graphics are secondary for me, good gameplay, game mechanics and story/immersion is paramount to being a good game.

Most of the AAA games go for graphics over deep gameplay and most of them suck. They are so shallow and void of life that most of them aren't worth the £40/$60 you pay for them.

For me The Witcher series has had great graphics and great gameplay throughout so it's the best of both worlds.

Console gamers won't have experienced The Witcher series from the beginning as Witcher 1 is PC exclusive but it's always had deep and immersive gameplay. The good graphics have been a bonus.

someOnecalled1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Pay him no mind console fanboys throw this out there because PC have all bases covered. Most PC games are shun by them but we only care about gfx. Console wouldn't even have these fun games or concepts if it wasn't for PC. No its cool to like indies, MMOs, rouge, etc. We care mor about gameplay more than anyone that why our community last longer we don't ditch a fun game just for the next big thing like some party. Its that our standards are above the normal we don't like to bend over and say that's nice, we don't like to pay for stuff we already pay for and let u tel us we are holding the other half of your game ransom. We don't play a game with poor gameplay with great gfx and say its amazing just because its exclusives. We don't lie and say gameplay only matter because we appreciate gfx and like progression but have no problem playing games with dated gfx. I could go on, but I know y'all have a hard time trying to make PC gamers slip up. We don't contradict ourselves y'all do. Console fanboys shun most game because they don't have amazing gfx. Unless unless its an exclusive you can swoosh a turd in a game case they would love and defend it especially PS fanboys. Their is no such thing as a bad game on PS platform ever

Go look at the popular list on any given day on steam, gog, GMG. Console fanboys love spreading bull when they can't win. You was better off saying PC gamers are greedy cause we want it all.

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u4one1102d ago

Some people like driving. Some of them are fine driving Toyotas, some of them like to step it up and drive a bmw or mercedes. Driving it's still driving but might be a little more enjoyable with extra features and better materials. Same thing with gaming. W3 is already great on consoles but some people want an even better experience. If they have the means, they should. If it's better, they have the right to compare. Personally I only have a ps4 and xb1 but I love looking at pc screens because I love seeing how good a game can be, period not just accept how good it is on a particular console. I like game quality more than brand loyalty.

Offbasic1102d ago

Sick of all the " my version is better" BS. We should all be happy that we get to play a great game no matter what we r playing it on.

Khajiit861102d ago

I am a long time console ONLY gamer and I agree. The games will be fun no matter what. I switched to PC recently and only then do you start really knowing how much better PC gaming is. Just prices of games alone make it worth it, think of not paying more than $35 (unless you get retail version) for new games like Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Project Cars, etc.

trenso11102d ago

also think about if your rig cant play those cheaper games whats the point, the best thing about the console is knowing that the game will run. On pc if you dont have good enough specs you cant even play the game. And so what about graphics im sure the average pc gamer doesnt have a beast rig to max out all the setting in todays games and probably sets most of the settings to normal

freshslicepizza1102d ago

the banter between xbox and playstation fans has been going on for many years and will likely keep going for many years. the funny thing is they hate it when the pc subject comes out because then it shows how minor some of those differences between the consoles really are. but yes, people should just be happy to enjoy the game on whatever system they have.

PlayableGamez1102d ago

You know what really bugs me about you console dudes, is when someone says that the PC version is the best, you guys say you don't care about graphics only gameplay and story. But when I go to a Digital Foundry comment section on YT, it's nothing but console dudes debating graphics and trolling each other.

You guys are frauds.

jv19911102d ago

Them im one of the few that do look only at gameplay and story. Cause i really dont care that much about graphics

Somebody1102d ago

I'm a PC gamer and I prefer a balanced of the holy trinity(graphic, gameplay and story) if possible. So far TW3 have pulled that off rather nicely.

I actually wanted to listen to the dialogs from other characters from start to finish. They have so much to tell and present a refreshing method of storytelling that doesn't rely on heavily on lost tapes/voice recording/emails/diaries/notes people would leave around that inexplicable tell us enough information to tell us what is happening.

Roccetarius1102d ago

That's absolutely true and it's not even worth facepalming for anymore. It's like kids disagreeing with eachother about Mars and Snickers, while a 3rd kid comes along and says Twix is better.

Gwiz1102d ago

They're little *French tone*
Of course with dynamic resolutions and unlocked frame-rate
it's pretty obvious they have to go with the flow.

gangsta_red1102d ago

PlayableGamez is right, it's all my console is superior until someone brings up PC then all of a sudden PC doesn't count or excuses are made as to why those comparisons shouldn't be made.

All of a sudden the same people who are chest beating about their superior console become sensible posters and care about story and gameplay.

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Intranquill1102d ago

I just played on my buddies rig last night for a few hours. Same area I'm in. We had everything on ultra, and I know I'll get disagrees for this, but was hard pressed to tell a difference.

The tiniest bit of higher texture quality. Vide distance seemed to be the same. Weather effects and wind seemed to be the same.

I'm just glad the consoles got to experience this, but unfortunately the PC version doesn't pack that graphical punch like it should.