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Military skirmishes are never two-dimensional affairs. There is always a lot of politics involved, of course, but on a more primal level, there are concerns like unit formation and attack direction to command your attention--elements that most real-time strategy games try to emulate in one way or another when they depict war. Swords & Soldiers II does away with most of that unit management, boiling the RTS formula down to some of its barest essentials and leaving you with a deceptively simple side-scrolling strategy game. Imagine Age of Empires, flatten it against a cave wall, cut the time of most matches down to 10 minutes or less, and sprinkle in an array of character names that double as puns.

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MNGamer-N1097d ago

It's gamespot... game is probably more like an 8. No online sucks and would have been super fun... but I'll be happy playing vs some family and friends. Going to scoop it day 1.

N4g_null1097d ago

Well said, I've been waiting to jump into these games plus I have to beat BWii so ill be relaxing while playing these.