Dragon Age Dev Praises Witcher 3


"Dragon Age developer BioWare has spoken out to congratulate CD Projekt Red on the release of their long-in-development RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game officially launched today, May 19, after years of development and multiple delays."

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DonkeyDoner1160d ago

they should I mean DA combat is a mess

rezzah1160d ago

It is okay, I wouldn't call it a mess.

Klamba921160d ago

Both are great games and take very different approaches to combat. DA:I is an action party based game which you can play either in real time or pause and play, The Witcher is a more reactionary rhythmic hack and slash with dodging and rolling. I enjoy both for what they are I wouldn't want the next Dragon Age game to just take a lone wolf single character approach, it is the companions that makes those games for me!

Its good to see Competing devs being friendly and giving praise to each other where we have fanboys of either game trash on the other!

scientificreasoning1159d ago

There is nothing great about DA

SilverClock1160d ago

I miss all my tactic slots :'(

Lord_Sloth1160d ago

This was my main issue. Without them the AI just dives in and gets killed oh so fast, even when they're ranged characters.

Klamba921160d ago

Yh i agree with that the tactics was severely limited even compared to DA2, while i enjoyed the tactical camera it did have its hiccups and is no replacement for the tactics!

BiggerBoss1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

The combat in TW3 isnt that great either... I guess Ive been spoiled after playing Bloodborne. I havent played Dragon Age yet so no comment on that.

Aggesan1159d ago

I come straight from Bloodborne too. Try raising the difficult to the hardest setting. Once youre forced to use Geralds full set of moves and abilities in order to survive, it reminds me alot of Bloodborne.

Maxor1160d ago

I prefer DA combat. Threre is too much dancing around in the Witcher 3.

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DEEBO1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Didn't even try to play Dragon age but the witcher3 was a day one buy.

Man anybody killed the wolf man?I beat him on the 1st try but it was a cool fight because of his special ability.

Khajiit861160d ago

Dragon Age was my GOTY last year, I think this year it will be Witcher 3 but still got a long year left. If you get a chance I recommend DA: Inquisition, its a really good game with a ton to do.

MilkMan1160d ago

Believe it or not, although at first glance these games may appear similar, they really are not. You can have both of these games rest very comfortably on your shelf or digital library. The play experience is very different. NOT BETTER OR WORSE, different.

phoenixwake1159d ago

I agree. DA:I has a lot more trivial side quests and collectables, plus character customization, party members and party tactics. Witcher 3 has much more focus and development of a static protagonist, and in my opinion so far a much more developed and fine tuned story (since all of the characters and situations are written around the the main character and are therefore more specific). Graphically, Witcher 3 takes the cake, but then again it's a much more dark/low fantasy setting so you don't see as much sparkling magic and such (DA:I is a lot "showier" in its combat).

Combat-wise, DA:I plays more like Mass Effect meets Baldur's Gate, whereas Witcher plays like a Dark Souls meets Arkham-lite. Two very different games in very different fantasy settings but look very similar at first glance.

SilverClock1159d ago

A pretty accurate assessment!

Sokol1160d ago

I really enjoyed the Dragon Age Inquisition, with little over 135 hours playthrough I did everything I wanted. It's a different RPG compared to the excellent Witcher 3 however I would recommend both games to RPG fans. :)

kraenk121160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

DAI's writing, combat and huge but empty works were such a disappointment. Not even half the game of TW3 though I agree both games are different approaches to the genre.

TW3 has everything DAI lacks. Interesting characters, meaningful and creative side quests and impressive writing and storytelling in a huge but living and breathing world. Take note Bioware.

krokodyl1159d ago

Why should BW take a note? Yes, i completely agree DAI could do things better, but you must consider simple fact DAI was cross-gen title unlike Witcher 3 which has advantage current-gen hardware power. I love writing and characters in DAI. Story was a bit disappointment but i couldn't say witcher 3 does it better... so far.

moegooner881159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Writing in DAI was bad, what???? Side quests and marks in The Witcher 3 are on par with the DA, marks more repetitive and boring th.

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