Player Supposedly Buys EAStarWars Domain; Lists Differences Between Battlefront Games & EA 'Victims'

An anonymous 4chan user supposedly bought the domain for and has listed all the differences between Battlefront 2 and the 'reboot' for Star Wars Battlefront by EA Dice. The 'owner' also mentions all the companies that EA has supposedly ruined.

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DarkOcelet1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

That is really a staggering differences.

This game better be good. I want to believe DICE will make an awesome job but with EA on the helm, it will just be a game with crap tons of dlc and microtransactions.

VER1ON1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

If i recall correctly last week the community manager confirmed that the millennium falcon and Speeders (and X-Wings & Fighters) are in fact playable. The info sheet doesn't seem to be 100% correct.

DarkOcelet1158d ago

But most of the info is correct, yes there are some info we dont know but surely EA will announce things that will piss people off in the days to come.

I want to give DICE the benefit of the doubt but everything they offered feels like a downgrade from BF2. The only thing that is upgraded is the graphics and the gameplay.

No space battles
No 64 players
Much less maps
Much less Infantry types
DLC that will cost you 50$ total(Season Pass/Ultimate Edition)
Less Vehicles

Things doesnt look good.

NukaCola1157d ago

No space battles are ok. Ground only is fine but with walkers and speeders I hope.

Space Battles come on Wii U with Rogue Squadron 3, one can only be fortunate enough to get

iggsta3o51157d ago

@NukaCola The AT-ATs have been confirmed to be on rails and Star Wars without space seems kind of silly.

garrettbobbyferguson1157d ago


Nah. A War amongst the Stars? That's stupid. What kind of fool would want Star Wars with space? Everyone knows land is where it's at. Especially in the era that had the least amount of land battles.

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mkis0071158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

That fact sheet has errors on many lines...People are actively trying to hate this game now.

NovusTerminus1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I love how it's all EA, yes DICE still goes along with everything, and launched a broken mess of a game, and no one blames them.

Yes, EA is to be blamed as well, but DICE is no better.

caseh1158d ago

News flash:

On October 2, 2006, EA completed the acquisition for 67.75 kr per share for 2.6 million shares, for a total of 175.5 million kr. DICE was renamed to EA DICE,[6] and CEO Patrick Söderlund became an EA Studio General Manager.

EA / DICE. Same thing.

KwietStorm1158d ago

Developers are at the mercy of the publisher, not unlike movie directors being at the mercy of the producer. Nobody actively wants to release a broken game, but it is the publisher who chooses when it releases. The dev only has but so much influence. It's hard enough to program an incomplete game that was ultimately rushed to meet a deadline, let alone a working one. This is just how it works. Because of this, sadly, I feel like it's how a game is handled post-release that determines if the right studio handled it or not. Not in all cases, but this is generally just how the industry works now.

Perjoss1158d ago

I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week, I trust DICE, but you're right EA will likely hold them back from creating something amazing. Still excited though.

-Foxtrot1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

See the differences listed are what people don't really know about...they just see "Battlefront" and get hyped up

Do you really want to give EA your money for dumbing down the Battlefront franchises after we've waited years for a sequel

The Loadouts are the worst...least the classes were balanced.

3-4-51157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

* PS2 wasn't a graphics powerhouse though.

If we want all those features on PS4 & XB1, the game would probably run at 30 FPS & be 720p & look nowhere near as good.

If that is what you want then ok.....

This is a reboot. I guess being that I've never played the older ones, this new one is only good news to me.

I have nothing to be mad about because nothing is being "taken" from me, as I've never experience a Star Wars Battlefront game.

There will be plenty of people like me, and I'd say most of us would probably enjoy our first Battlefront experience.

* If all you ever think about is what you don't have, your going to end up a miserable person.

Lots of people don't have lots of things....should be constantly complain about it?

Just appreciate the fact we are getting more Star Wars anything.

You know how rare it is ?

Selfish spoiled brats want everything there way because growing up, there parents allowed that, so they think that is how the rest of the world works.

You appreciate what you get.

Star Wars is here to stay.

Meaning....we will get a BF2 with stuff added and most likely eventually a BF3 probably.

It's like nobody wants to be happy anymore about anything.

* That being said, some of those wants or differences do make sense.

As long as there is good enough soldier and troop variety I think that will go a long way.

HammadTheBeast1157d ago

No, it's a shitty table made by a salty Battlefront 2 fan, and it's completely biased and doesn't list any BF3 features we don't know about yet. How about we get more than a paragraph of details on this game, and stop focusing on what it doesn't have, and maybe wait until we see what it does have?

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RealFry1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Im laughing at how spot on this site is. Glorious!

Also specially on Westwood studios loss and ending C&C series.

HammadTheBeast1157d ago

I didn't even know who Westwood were, and it's amazing how many games of theirs I've played. C&C, Dune, and this game called Nox which basically got me into computer gaming.

plmkoh1158d ago

Oh god, this is exactly how Star Wars fans ruin Star Wars games. They demand playability with everything from vehicles to characters. How about concentrate on getting a game with solid Stormtrooper vs Rebels gameplay first.

The last thing I'd want from Battlefront is a return of the original titles, they were good for the sheer novelty of playing through memorable Star Wars sets, but the gameplay was far from being balanced or intuitive. If anything you can bet big money that if the new Battlefront was just a carbon copy of the original titles you'd get these exact fans make stupid websites complaining about how retarded DICE is for making such a imbalanced game.

Let the game be.

VER1ON1157d ago

Can't agree with you more. It would seem gamers are complaining more and more nowadays. Sometimes I wonder whether people just need something to complain about. Face it - most who complain now will eventually buy the game anyway.

Angelin1157d ago

I think it became a trend to complain among the tennageers. If you don't complain, you're not cool.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

All I see are neckbearded fanboys complaining... Most of my friends are buying the game whilst their older siblings complain.

Ageism, sir, not very classy of you to blame it on teens as so many adults do. Is it a trend among adults to blame teens or you're not, I dunno, lame, boring, conservative, condescending? (I'm barely 18, so please, stop making the rest of us sensible adults look bad).

SegaGamer1157d ago

"How about concentrate on getting a game with solid Stormtrooper vs Rebels gameplay first"

Or here's a better idea, how about we have that and all of the stuff with it ?

rainslacker1157d ago

You're assuming it's going to have solid STvRebel game play. If they don't get that right, or if it's broken on day one(which it will be) can we all complain then?

Not that I'm complaining, I probably won't bother with the game as I'm not a huge SW fan, nor do I really even like FPS games...particularly ones where it's grindy game play like this game, but I see a lot of people defending this game while tuning out all criticism as whiny entitled haters without ever considering that maybe they have some merit to their criticisms.

EA is rushing this game for release, and they're leaving out stuff that people expected because the prior games had those game play features.

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ZaWarudo1158d ago

Wow, i didn't know Battlefront 2 had DLC. Ventress using a lightsaber nunchucku.

SonyOnly41157d ago

Great work there People shouldn't buy into this crap EA are butchering the franchise I don't want to play this Battlefield Star wars skin edition I wish the game was cancelled all together rather that then EA destroy it all together.

LordMaim1157d ago

Not for nothing, but it's hard to read your post without punctuation.

RegorL1157d ago

"I don't want to play this Battlefield Star wars skin edition"

So, don't buy (borrow, install) it then...

But let me make a prediction. I think you will have it on your console/PC within half a year after the game release.

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