Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

PS4 and Xbox One tested head-to-head, with some very mixed results.

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jackanderson19851035d ago

wonder why they capped PS4 and not the X1... seems a random choice

Genuine-User1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

It does seem kind of odd. CDPR should most definitely cap the X1 at 30fps.


"To start with cut-scenes, a firm 30fps line is held on PS4 during an early griffin encounter, and in practice this gives us smoother motion compared to the 35fps read-out on Xbox One"

"whenever PS4 does render at a clear 30fps, the presence of a cap and the resultant steady frame-pacing makes it the superior game in motion."

"However, the problem here is that if the PS4's frame-rate drops below this number, it instantly locks to 20fps. It's an instant switch, much like the double-buffer method of v-sync seen in Metal Gear Solid 4 on PS3. In one later scene involving heavy ice effects, it's notable that Xbox One does glance this 20fps figure at a similar moment, but unlike PS4 it's able to waver up and down the scale more freely. Meanwhile, Sony's platform is stuck at this value for long stretches of a scene."

"Overall, the fact Xbox One tends to holds a higher frame-rate is misleading in terms of the quality of the end experience; a capped 30fps is by far the preferred option in this case and we still hope to see it implemented in a future update. The PS4 release has the right tactic, but it lets itself down by being unable to stream in world geometry or render effects at a perfect 30fps to take advantage of this."

" PS4 is capable of smoother passages of play at times. When it comes to performance, and factoring in the game's superior 1920x1080 output, Sony's hardware is a preference - but it's not the clear choice we had expected."

reynod1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I would think they should give people the option

1080p 30fps
720p 60fps.

Dont see why that would be too hard to do. In fact that should be a option with all games.

GMR_PR1034d ago

sounds like PS4 may need some Dynamic Resolution. Both systems sounds like they need performance/bug patches.

ABizzel11034d ago


That's because it doesn't work like that. Dropping from 1080p own to 720p, doesn't net you and extra 30fps in games using the same settings.

That's pure console gamer logic, but anyone with a PC knows it varies greatly, and at best you're looking at a 20fps increase, but more likely a 12 - 15 fps increase. Resolution doesn't scale average fps with huge benefits until you start getting into much higher resolutions like 4k.

Genuine-User1034d ago


I would not sacrifice a full 1080p presentation for a few extra frames.
Gameplay is almost always hovering around the 30fps mark on the PS4.

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CernaML1034d ago

This looks like the work of misterxmedia. Pathetic.

Ben Dover1034d ago

The guy can't even photoshop properly :\

Destiny10801034d ago

lol, 1920x1080 vs 1600x900

44% more pixels on screen

nothing matches the clarity of a 1080p image, 900p stretched to 1080p results in a blurry image

GMR_PR1034d ago

The difference is there but its so small, 900p look just slightly blurrier. Nothing to make a big fuzz about it.

BallsEye1035d ago

Funny how DF now says 30 fps from ps4 (which drops below 20 WTF, and averages at 25) is better than unlocked xbox one that is 35 fps average, goes up ro 40, and drops maximum to 25. Double standards as always from DF when it comes to XO vs ps4. I advise people to read their previous comparisons, where they actually cheered at unlocked, unstable fps on ps4, and booed at capped and stable 30 fps on XO.

Eonjay1034d ago

If you don't understand what they are saying here, its okay. They are saying that the inconsistent frame rate causes screen juddering. This is not an advantage in any way shape or form. Are you referring to Tomb Raider, a game where it was unlocked on the PS4 and incapable of reaching 30 FPS on Xbox One?

gamer11381034d ago

If you bothered to actually go back and check then you'd know TR ran at LOCKED 30 on Xbox one. Try harder next time.

CernaML1034d ago

No, Tomb Raider was NOT locked at 30fps on the X1. It was CAPPED at 30fps and still dropped frames.

i3eyond the Circle1034d ago

Seems the Xbox One version is more viable to get updated to keep a constant 30fps with no cutbacks.

Might've been something they couldn't get done by launch or maybe a post launch DX12 update for better cpu efficiency may happen so they decided to keep the frames unlocked.

Either way both games look the same with the occasional superior trees on one platform.

Try playing Snapped...I feel that the CPU usage to multitask helps keep the unlocked frame rate at 30 most of the time...kind of a trick for better performance without a patch.

Duke191034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Xbox One has the slight edge in performance. PS4 has slight edge in visuals. Fortunately it looks like the PS4 takes the biggest drops during cutscenes (19fps) instead of gameplay, as odd as that seems.

gfk3421034d ago

Firstly, please check DF's article before submitting a post. The article clearly states that whenever the PS4 drops frames under 30, the game AUTOMATICALLY caps the frame at 20 fps.

Secondly, any measurement and every equipment has a margin of error. Thus the 19 fps is what DF software is reading but if you exclude the error margin the game plays at 20 in reality.

Duke191034d ago

Fine - switching to 20fps. 19 or 20, the fact that they are capping it in such a way sucks. 20 fps is NOT great

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