What We Want In: Microsoft @ E3 2015

"E3 2015 is inching ever closer, and as the biggest event in the gaming calendar approaches, gamers hopes and dreams begin to take their own forms, become entities greater than the hard facts. At BGU we have our own ideas, hopes, dreams, and as such we’re addressing each of the major press conferences and discussing what we want from them. Today is Microsoft, one of the big three console manufacturers and creators of the Xbox One. Here’s What We Want in Microsoft’s E3 2015 Show." - Paul James of BGU

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christocolus1035d ago

Awesome article. Couldn't agree more.

crazychris41241035d ago

Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay of their exclusives, Hololens, DX 12 games running on X1 and PC, new games announced and GAMEPLAY!!!

kratoz12091035d ago

Hoping Usher makes a return

mxguy931035d ago

I'd like to see a newly redesigned dashboard since nobody uses kinect anymore and they made the dashboard just for kinect voice commands in mind

jeremyj29131035d ago

Only reason I'll be watching Microsoft's conference is to see Scalebound. Can't believe they managed to keep a lid on that game for an entire year.

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