Phil Spencer to Push for Better Xbox One Offline Features, Squashes 1 vs. 100 Resurgence

It's no secret that many have their qualms with the offline support of Xbox One, but it looks like that could soon change. 1 vs. 100, however, isn't having the same luck.

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Rimeskeem1188d ago

Dang, 1 vs 100 was so fun.

ValKilmer1188d ago

I literally spent 300 hours playing it. I was the 1 once.

holysmokesbatman1188d ago

We need a petition, great family fun game!

Mikefizzled1188d ago

I did hear somewhere that 1v100 would struggle to reappear because it struggled to pull in advertisers to keep it free and to keep giving out the prizes.

maniacmayhem1188d ago

I never played 1 vs 100 but I had many friends that did and were sad to see it go. With MS focus on PC cross platform with Xbox you would think that a game like 1 vs 100 would be in the works.

KryptoniteTail1188d ago

Weird times when you gotta push for offline.

rawrock1188d ago

Bring back 1vs100 Phil!!

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