Video game deals of the week – 5/20 Update from Amazon & others (US)

Amazon and other retailers are updating their deals with pretty exciting stuff as we reach the middle of the week.

Batman fans are in for a treat this week on Amazon, with up to 50% on games such as Lego Batman 3, Injustice, Arkham City, Arkham origins, Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, and Scribblenauts Unmasked (the Arkham Knight Serious edition preorder is also 22% off).

On other sites, memorial Day starts early on eBay, with up to 50% off on refurbished Xbox One, X360, and PS3 consoles. The NA PSN have an“extended play”sale on PS4, PS3, PS Vita. If you're interested but don't live in the US, there's a technique in the article so that you can buy US PSN codes at face value.

for the PS Vita, Dungeon travellers 2 is up for preorder, and Hypderdimension Neptunia U – Action unleashed is out.

PC Gamers can get Batman Arkham knight and The Witcher 3 for free with the purchase of an Nvidia GTX970 or GTX980. If you were thinking of upgrading your PC gaming gear, now might be the right time. Also for PC gamers, Steam's midweek deal is 66% off the Van Helsing Franchise, and the humble bundle lets you pay what you want for $269 worth of Paradox games. Additionally, The Witcher 3 is $38.75 on GameDealDaily.

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elnacho1188d ago

Also mentioned in the article but worth a comment: PlayStation tv is 39.99 at gamestop today.

3-4-51187d ago


Hmm...I already have a vita, would be nice to play on big screen though.

IrisHeart1187d ago

I got one and I sold it back for 15 bucks. Most of the games are meant to be played in that small yet excellent screen. Trust me.

xwilldemise1187d ago

Thank you!! Just snatched one for that price! Now I can go back to finish some games I never finished such as Persona 4: Golden, etc!

lizard812881187d ago

I bought a PC, so i'll be getting the Witcher 3 for free. I just have to wait 2 weeks for them to build it, and 5-10 business days to be shipped. I got it from cyberpowerpc. $1200, during the memorial day sale, which isn't bad. I'm sure I could have built one cheaper, but meh.

contradictory1187d ago

there's probably some air in it but it doesn't really matter.. i have never put a PC together and it honestly seems like pain in the ass

Agent_hitman1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

That PSTV deal is really enticing tho.