PlayStation Vita and PS4 Price Cuts May Be Coming This Year

A major PlayStation Vita price cut and a moderate PS4 price drop may be coming sooner than later. Thanks to tipster information from the PlayStation Retail Loyalty site, details on the new price points may have been revealed.

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AudioEppa1158d ago

If Sony were to actually do it.. oh man, big news.

I think they should go down to $199.99 tbh.

The reactions would be crazy lol

UKmilitia1158d ago

they dont need to drop that low,in uk now its £289-320 with a game or 2.
im looking at a white console at mmoment with withcewr 3 and bloodborne for £289.

i think $350 dollars or £299 is a great RRP for a while as its still selling at cureent prices.

XisThatKid1157d ago

I'm so suprised that with Vita sales the way they been that SOny wouldn't have dropped the pice long ago intead of neglecting it like it's been.

SidebarTalk1158d ago

This might finally be the push I need to get a Vita. I've heard decent things, but there hasn't been enough to finally make me go out and get one. But a sub $100 price tag is enough to get most people to bite, even if just for curiosity.

FullmetalRoyale1157d ago

Have you been snagging your Vita PS+ games all this time?

If you haven't I would suggest that you consider it. Get enough games and maybe that'll sway you, maybe not. You have nothing to lose, though.


danny8181157d ago

Downers what games you like. The vita really isn't being supported.

nicksetzer11153d ago

I would buy one asap at that price. No brainer. It's not worth $200 to me (especially with the overpriced memory) but at $89.99 there is not a doubt that it is worth it. Would be surprised to see retailers support this price though. Especially the like of gamestop who have used consoles which they would lose huge profits on. Would be a world chamging move in the handheld gaming business though. Could wasily see it overturning 3ds within a month of release, not to mention a huge increase in dev support.

crazychris41241158d ago

Couple major Western titles, a price cut and a cool custom edition and I would be very interested again in a Vita. For the PS4 I just want the MGS 5 bundle to come to the West

Rimeskeem1158d ago

I have a feeling the MGS bundle is gonna happen

dragonaught0071158d ago

My thoughts are they are cutting prices to bundle the vr headset settled at 499 but right now I got the console so really not moving anything till I see something new. All I want is some graphics upgrade adapter to ps4 to run games at higher framerate ill even pay 500 dollars for that but sure as hell not paying 1.5k for a gaming pc

MasterCornholio1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Project Morpheus Bundle

PlayStation Camera

For 499$

Sounds like a great value to me. For comparisons sake the XB1s bundle with Kinect is the same price but that's without Hololens. With Hololens I can imagine the bundle costing a lot more.

traumadisaster1157d ago

I suppose you haven't read the many articles on how to build a 1080p60fps pc for $750.

Really you can't go a month without reading one if you visit tech sites.

BitbyDeath1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

'All I want is some graphics upgrade adapter to ps4 to run games at higher framerate'

Have you not heard about the ‘asynchronous reprojection’ technique which doubles the framerate of games?

"But now Showdown can run flawlessly at 60 FPS on Sony’s Morpheus headset for PS4, says J.J. Hoesing, Senior Engine Programmer on Epic’s VR Team. The demo of course takes advantage of Sony’s ‘asynchronous reprojection’ technique to ultimately output at 120 FPS."

G3n3raL861158d ago

Great news for me if it's true, since i'm not a next-gen console owner yet:)

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