Life Is Strange Episode 3 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One Angry Gamer "The latest episode for Life is Strange is Episode 3: Chaos Theory. The episode is available right now for the home consoles and PC. Some gamers may have found themselves stuck on a few segments, such as getting into the principle's office or finding out the password to the laptop. A couple of walkthroughs are available to help gamers get through those segments."

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kraenk121103d ago

Why do you post this on here? Let the people play the game themselves! Thanks in the name of the developers!

WilliamUsher1103d ago

This is for the people who already own the game and need help with some of the puzzles and decisions made throughout the game.

If you don't already own it, don't watch it.

The article is full of tips and hints to help people who may find themselves stuck on some segments. That's why this is a "walkthrough" and not a "playthrough".