The Most Reviews: Going Back: Resident Evil (PS1) (1996)

Me and my friends go back and play the game that launched the survival-horror genre. We had mixed results, mostly to do with unfair difficulty spikes. That aside, this holds up pretty well.

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DarkOcelet1156d ago

"the game throws a huge difficulty spike by repopulating the mansion with these green lizard things which were ridiculous to kill."

So they go back to a game they played before and they couldn't finish it and they didn't remember that the 'green lizards' are named Hunters. SMH. That's embarrassing for a Resident Evil fan.

Also some of the elements in the game were far ahead of its time, like the 8 different endings, the way you choose who lives and who dies(Took me a while to save awesome Barry). And that you can skip the final boss entirely. The game was a brilliant masterpiece. God, i hope RE7 returns back to its root where you are in a mansion alone and you choose who lives and dies from your partners. That idea was amazing.

TheMostReviews1156d ago

We're not hardcore fans of the franchise, so sorry about not remembering the name of the Hunters.
I do agree the game was fantastic and ahead of its time, and yes, I hope to God Resi 7 goes back its roots, as Resi 6 was a complete disgrace to the franchise.

DarkOcelet1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

A little research on the creatures before writing an article would be great.

Sorry if i came out as a jerk, i tend to do that sometimes haha. Apologies.

And i agree, hopefully RE7 does go back to its roots.

And RE2 aged better than RE1 especially in terms of atmosphere. Some of the locations were really well made.

Awaiting your review on it, and a small advice, don't be afraid to finish your bullets, there is always enough for every creature in the game, even on hard mode. Believe me, as a hardcore fan who finished every game over 20 times, i know what i am talking about ;).

TheMostReviews1155d ago

I wanted to approach it with what we only knew based on what we played (Hence the little research)

And cheers! we'll be playing it over the course of the next week or so