Street Fighter V for PS4/PC Gets New Screenshots, Showing An Older Bison That Didn't Lose His Energy

Capcom Japan just released a batch of new screenshots of Street Fighter V's newly revealed returning character Bison.

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higgins78978d ago

Its slightly annoying. Every fully fledged Street Fighter sequel has been a definitive step up from its previous incarnation, this however (SFV) looks more Street Fighter IV 1.01 than anything completely new. I wait to be proven wrong. Bison looks great - as always.

holysmokesbatman978d ago

Well, I'm an xbox guy over PS, but also always been crazy in love with SF series, so this might* be the game to make me pick up a PS4, although I could play it on my PC, I'm just more comfortable playing on consoles.

And a you say, it doesn't seem like a big step forwards from 4 but none the less, it looks fun.

breakpad978d ago

i agree it doesnt look so different fro SF4 ...Capcom i guess they were a bit lazy with this one

Baka-akaB978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

I dont even understand wich basis you use to claim that . The animation is obviously different . The moveset for Bison and others too .And we dont have the full details on thewhole gameplay yet

Graphically its not the same either .

KryptoniteTail978d ago

What do people want? It looks fantastic in every way. Graphically it may not be pushing PS4 to its limits but it looks good, way better than 4. Gameplay looks crisp, familiar yet spiced up. I can't say how good it will be obviously but my hopes are high.

My only FEAR is Chun, Bison, and Dee Jay will be inferior to shotos as always.

Blackleg-sanji978d ago

I find it odd that people are saying it looks the same because from what I've seen Charlie and bison play completely different and have different move sets. It was never going to be a graphical showcase so that should have never been an expectation honestly and finally we have no idea how this plays like at all ppl are jumping the gun

kratoz1209978d ago

Hopefully Guy and Vega make a return

KryptoniteTail978d ago

I hope Ashura finally gets in. It really surprised me he didn't after that DLC...

Baka-akaB978d ago

If what they said is true they are limiting the roster to make each character more unique . And even if i liked the game , Ashura isnt even a popular character , i dont see why they'd waste a spot

Sadist3978d ago

Yay they have the same costumes since 1992. Way to go capcom. Bet they all have the same moves too. Maybe wanna try something different?

Gohadouken978d ago

So you didnt even bother watching the video to spot the obvious move changes . But thanks for trying

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