Sonic & The Black Knight Product Page Hits Tomorrow

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"Sega has responded to the Nintendo Power cover featuring Sonic & The Black Knight. The company's official message board admin, Clumsyorchid, posted the following message to their community:

'I can confirm the game is indeed real, however you won't get any info on it from me, you'll have to wait until we post the product page tomorrow on and read the Nintendo Power article.


So there you have it. Check out tomorrow for some answers."

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Omegasyde3677d ago

My mother once told me:
"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing."

Cutter203677d ago

This will probably be a SwordPlay game requiring the MotionPlus.

Polluted3677d ago

I certainly hope that's not the case. As an old school Sonic fan (Sonic 1 was one of the first 16 bit video games I played) I think that would be blasphemy. Not unlike putting a sword in the hands of Mario.

Solid_Snake3677d ago

doesn't SEGA first see if the new Sonic game does well before saturating everyone with more Sonic? I don't mind Sonic, as long as the games are good.

Nostradavis3677d ago

How about a Konami and Sega partnership....

Sonic Snake anyone?

Omegasyde3677d ago

I agree one Sonic at a time. While your at it SEGA trying working a little harder with a bigger budget? I think our blue hero deserves true sequel with a developer budget higher than $200.00.

while thier at it, SEGA SCRAP THE WEREWOLF IDEA.

Just make a 3d game with 2d elements i.e. streetfighter 4, viewitful joe, little big planet...etc.

qface643677d ago

another sonic game meh im not holding my breath

3677d ago
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