E3's Most Artistically Stunning Games

TVGB: "Wait a minute, these games have nothing to do with each other! Or do they? Bum bum buuuummm!!!!!! Yes, yes they do. But what is it, why would I select these three seemingly random games from E3 that I got to spend some time with and put them into a single post? The answer lies within each games phenomenal artistic style. These three games really stuck out to me as artistically visionary; a look at what games can do not only with gameplay but with style and artistry. So I've decided to group them together as the top three artistically stunning games of E3."

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3649d ago
ThatCanadianGuy3649d ago

I thought flower would of been in that list for sure.
ah well.

edhe3649d ago

This is what i like - games with a truly great art direction..
Bioshock, Crackdown (yeah i like the cartoony), Halo (it's not fantabulous but man, it's well defined), Gears, Rez, Mutant Storm, Overlord, Oblivion...Viva Pinata

I regard a better rendered art direction more important than a better rendered explosion.

LastDance3649d ago

your list overall is pretty good ...but oblivion looked like crap i thought....the art direction was pretty much stock standard. not a fan.

MK_Red3649d ago

Prince of Persia and Mirror's Edge... STUNNINGLY beautiful. Can't wait.

ape0073649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

oh guys am sorry

my pics

mirror's edge

prince of persia

resistance 2

LBP was unbeleivable

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