Struggling in The Witcher 3? These 8 tips will get you slaying like a pro

Having a hard time in The Witcher 3? Well there's no need to fret. Here's a run down of some pretty simple tips that will help you get to slaying foes in no time.

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wakeNbake1155d ago

Just play it like Bloodborne and you'll be fine.

Summons751155d ago

right, dodge is your best friend.

ThanatosDMC1155d ago

Exactly! But after watching some people's streams, they somehow really struggle with the concept of dodging simple telegraphed attacks. Are the controls bad or do they just suck?

Xer0_SiN1155d ago

where is a legit inn where i can rest to refill my life bar? the difficulty im playing on, i guess, disables life refill with meditation.

JamesBondage1155d ago

@ Xer0_SiN. Just change the difficulty so that you can meditate to fill health, afterwards you can change difficulty back..

Onehandband1t1155d ago

No, meditation and good preparation with potions are your best friend. Bloodborne lol

GrieverSoul1155d ago

The only struggle I am having is Reading the small text!

Jesus... cant they make the font size bigger?

I can barely read some of the items. This is fine for PC but for consoles, man... way to small.

UnHoly_One1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

+1 on the font size.

My god it is terrible. Last night I spent almost as much time standing up so I could be closer to the screen as a I did sitting in my recliner.

I just had an eye exam 2 months ago, I'm 20/20.

I sit 10 feet from a 65 inch TV.

But when I loot a container I'll be damned if I have the slightest clue what I'm picking up.

I think I might just wait for an update. It isn't worth straining my eyes every time I want to look at my inventory.

Clown_Syndr0me1154d ago

I agree the font is tiny and I have to squint a little. It needs an option to enlarge. However are you sure your not exaggerating a little? I sit maybe 3 meters from my 50 inch and I can read everything. But it does strain my eyes a little!

Kidmyst1154d ago

@JamesBondage but that will mess up the Trophy/achievement if going for it on the harder difficulties.

UnHoly_One1154d ago

I'm not exaggerating.

My TV is 65 inches. I sit 10 feet from it.

I can guess at the descriptions of items in my inventory or a loot box, but only if I sit forward in my chair to get closer and strain to see them, and even then I'm not sure if I've got it right or not.

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frankiebeans1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

no bloodborne is good but this game controls like a pos everything has some crazy unnecessary delay.

@ThanatosDMC the controls are crap I don't even know how they thought they were okay maybe the people play testing the game were blind.

Tiqila1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

thank god I'm not the only one experiencing some sort of input delay, makes accurate movement really difficult, hopefully this will be fixed

UnHoly_One1154d ago

Sometimes I try to cast a sign and nothing happens at all.

Then I get my face ripped off immediately afterwards.

MRMagoo1231155d ago

"Well there's no need to fret. Here's a run down of some pretty simple tips that will help you get to slaying foes in no time.......If you can get it to work or not crash all the time" Fixed.

Splatoon1155d ago

Didn't stop Skyrim or Fallout winning multiple GOTY awards. Its a western game so it's game breaking problems will be totally ignored.

LAWSON721155d ago

Which is a western developer...

Splatoon1155d ago

Poland is in Europe. Europe is a part of the western world.

SinisterKieran1155d ago i stupid or something.
isn't games made in the USA western developed?

vikingland11155d ago

You really think the USA is the only western country in the world? Is Japan the only eastern country in the world? Google will help you out search western civilazation or something along those lines.

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DEEBO1155d ago

Man I feel bad for you guys I haven't had not one problem.

AndyMoore1155d ago

Me either, but that's the sacrifice I chose when I opted for PS4 over PC. FORGIVE ME.

Vegamyster1155d ago

From what i've heard people have been experiencing issues on all platforms, i haven't had any 7 hours in on the PC version yet.

starchild1155d ago

I'm playing on PC and I honestly haven't had a single crash and very few bugs. For me it seems like a very polished game, especially for an open world game.

slappy5081155d ago

Same here, I'm playing it on 1440p ultra and the only time I've noticed frame dips is during the cuts scenes, strangely

nucky641155d ago

it's a great game, but I wouldn't say "very polished" has more loading screens than any game I've ever played and some of those loads are LOOOOOONG! I'm playing on ps4 - I don't know if pc version is plagued with load screens - I sure hope not.

slappy5081155d ago

There aren't any loading screens on PC except when you travel, and then for me it's literally less than a second

HaveAsandwich1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

me neither, but im on ps4. thats a lie actually. i got some wierd color issues fighting a pack of wolves in that swamp with the cart with all the loot. u know that place..

me only complaint is some of the mechanics. getting on/off your horse, having to micro manage your stance when looting, alot of the times. theres others.

vikingland11155d ago

No problems for me yet either I'm 10 hrs in on PS4. That's the risk with big open world games because game testers can't simulate 1 million people playing so many different ways.

gamer91155d ago

Still waiting for you to tell us what your 1 problem is =)

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StarLord_Who1155d ago

Can anyone give me tips on crafting and loot. I know what they are and can usually get my head around them in games such as The Last of Us but i don't play many RPGs?


AndyMoore1155d ago

By crafting do you mean equipment like armor and weapons? Or are you referring to the alchemy (making bombs, potions etc..)

Christopher1155d ago

AFAIK, it's a lot of deconstructing other items and finding the right smith with the ability to craft specific items.

ninjahunter1155d ago

Ive been playing on hard (Blood and broken bones or something like that) The only problem ive had in any fight is when there's about 5-6 badguys bum rushing you at once. Seems to me the most important thing you can do is kinda a little distance and just pick them to pieces.

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