Destiny House of Wolves - Gone to Ground Quest and Farming Vandals

A Quick way to get the 100 Shiplinks for the Gone to Ground Quest in House of Wolves

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GameSpawn1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Ember Caves... That's were I got mine done. TONS of Vandals and easily farm-able Venus chests to boot.

This is the classic Venus loot cave, but unless you're "offline" (change your system's date before logging in) it takes one d-bag to come over and pop a squat to prevent the quick respawn at this spot.

JWiLL5521033d ago

Yeah...just go left from where you spawn on Venus. Took about 2 minutes there.

Luckily while I was there a 'pack of wolves' event started and I was able to complete that bounty too. This game is really good when things happen organically like that, just doesn't happen often enough.