Yooka-Laylee: New Clip & Pushing for £2M!

Playtonic updates the Yooka Laylee Kickstarter campaign with a new clip and is driving toward their latest stretch goal of £2M!

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-Foxtrot920d ago

That gif is adorable

Love the look and design of this game, although I still think Yooka would look better with one piece of clothing

Diddy Kong, Conker, Banjo all had something

Maybe a small red top or red pants, like Banjos shorts which matched the colour of Kazooies beak.

Summons75920d ago

Put a hat on the bat maybe but there is nothing wrong with them not having clothing. I'd rather them not then force something and ruin this amazing design. Plus, we got a Snake in shorts...that should make you happy.

-Foxtrot920d ago

Snake isn't the main character though is he.

They feel naked compared to their past designs

I highly doubt it would be "ruined" need to exaggerate it

Blackleg-sanji920d ago

This is where the nostalgia is going to backfire on these guys I'm telling you just watch when gameplay gets showed that's 1% different than their older stuff ppl are going to flip. Look how many ppl are bothered because they don't have clothes -_- even tho trowzer does(such a great name)

breakpad919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

i really hope this DONOT up end another kickstarter fiasco, with the developers taking the money and run away with lame apologies

3-4-5920d ago

That gif is amazing.

so much personality in that.

Nevers0ft919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

They did an interview recently with GameXplain on Youtube and during it they stated they looked into putting clothing on Yooka and Laylee in response to Kickstarter feedback, but that they weren't happy with the outcome and decided to stick with the naked designs... Although it sounds like it might also be linked to gameplay, they hinted that it might affect Yooka's ability to use camouflage (being a chameleon). It's good to know they at least looked into it.

::EDIT:: Here you go:

deathtok919d ago

Nah... the characters look good as they are. I suspect they'll take advantage of chameleon abilities in some way too.

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deathtok920d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. The Rare veterans look like they're putting a great platformer together. It's my first Kickstarter!

KryptoniteTail920d ago

Please, please make Vita happen, come on. GBA got a Banjo, they can scale this down hard for Vita.

Summons75920d ago

Banjo-Pilot wasn't a real Banjo game and doesn't count.

N4GJD920d ago

Can't wait to play this game! So tired of all the generic, colorless, photorealistic shooters oversaturating the market!

N0TaB0T920d ago

So much love for this project, so much pure excitement <3

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