Microsoft Pushes Xbox One Sales in Japan With $41 Discount Just in Time for Psycho-Pass

The Xbox One hasn’t exactly performed in a stellar way in Japan, selling just over 50,000 units since last September, but Microsoft isn’t giving up.

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NuggetsOfGod1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Doesn't matter if the games are good.

Japan want ps4 and 3ds.

If I was Microsoft I would pull out of japan and save millions.

Even ps4 gamers will probably want to play scalebound. But not in japan lol.

If ps4 only played pong, ps4 would outsell xbox with it's current library lol

It's nothing personal just culture.

I no I will get disagrees for ending it like this but...

Xbox has good games.

**runzz away**

Eejanaika1132d ago

Japan is all about mobile gaming now.
The friends I have that still play consoles are on 6th gen and older sadly.

Mkai281132d ago

Japan is about Japan..

OrangePowerz1132d ago

And that's why you are not MS.

If they pull out of Japan that's it with support from Japanese studios. They won't be that delusion to think they can actually sell many units there.

You can't make games for a console that isn't even sold in your country. The shareholders and fans would ask Square, Konami and so on why they bother making games for a system that isn't sold in their country. It's about having Japanese companies support their console with games even if they don't sell a lot in the Japanese market.

It's also not that much about culture that it doesn't sell that well, it's about the console being designed for a single market and that's the US. It's just not that appealing for consumers outside of the US where a lot of the features are obsolete or just not interesting at all. It's not a global product.

Svinya1131d ago

"The shareholders and fans would ask Square, Konami and so on why they bother making games for a system that isn't sold in their country.", because of profits? Duh? The shareholders aren't going to force these companies to stop selling in the West even if they abandoned Japan, since their stocks would drop.. Shareholders don't give a crap about anything else but the numbers.

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PhoenixUp1132d ago

Pulling out of Japan would send a bad sign to Japanese devs

cabinotier1131d ago

Japanese devs already gave up xbox in japan.
And some of them gave up xbox in worldwide.

PhoenixUp1131d ago

No there are plenty of big Japanese developed games like FFXV and KH3 heading to Xbox One

Magicite1131d ago

Actually you are wrong, PS4 started to sell well only recently when Japanese exclusives started to appear on it.
But yeah, no matter what MS does, xbox is doomed in Japan.

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Bill_Willson_CIA1132d ago

That 6 people who knows what an xbox is will definitely get it now!

PhoenixUp1132d ago

No matter what deals they give out, they'd be lucky to sell 1k a week in Japan. And how about them China sales people were raving about last year

LifeInNZ1132d ago

Yeah, no, you're right. MS should just let it die a natural death in Japan and know, follow Sony's lead re: the Vita.

It may be selling poorly in some regions but at least they are trying to generate interest.

WeAreLegion1132d ago

The Vita is doing really well in Japan.

Kribwalker1131d ago

^^ bubble up for funny.

Handhelds in Japan are a massive portion of console sales, and vita definitely does not have a big portion of that. As of December last year the vita had sold 3.4 million in Japan. The 3ds was at 17.6 million. That's 5-1 in Japan

PistolsAtDawn1132d ago

It's a shame that Japan and Europe don't realize what a great console the X1 is. They're missing out.

OrangePowerz1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Maybe they should have designed a more global product instead of making a product that mainly appeals to the US market. It was designed with a lot of unnecessary stuff for a console. Maybe in the US picture in picture is big, after all there are commercials every 5 minutes during TV shows and sport events. Maybe you are ok with having an additional device running just to watch TV. These things are less useful outside of the US. Live TV took a back seat a long time ago here in Europe. Most people who would also play games watch things on demand, they don't watch live TV most of the time unless it's for things like sport. A lot of the people in Europe are also considered of their electricity usage, not sure how that looks in the US. On the other hand it's not even first in the US market so you would need to blame the US as well?

The console has certainly great games, but how well is the consoles designed in regards to having the purpose of being a games console? For me personally they put too much effort into making a universal device instead of focusing on what the main purpose should be. If you try to make something that can do a lot of things you will always end up with something that can't do anything exceptionally well.

rainslacker1132d ago

Maybe they don't actually think it's a great console? Or maybe they just don't think it's great enough to spend money on when there is another option.

Bathyj1132d ago

I think its because theres not enough to distinguish it from its rival.

90% of the games on Xbone are on PS4 too, and theyre better on PS4 too, almost without fail. So if you were going to have only one console which most current gen adopters still only have, then PS is proving to be the popular choice.

In order to buck this trend XBOne needs some exclusives that people cant ignore. Games you just HAVE to have.

Currently I would love to play Ori and Sunset Overdrive, but I havent felt the need to buy a console just for those games. Come Christmas when there are some good bundles and a few more titles to justify a second console I will likely be getting one, but at the moment I dont feel like Im missing out on anything I cant do without because XBOne is just to similar to PS4.

rainslacker1131d ago

For me that's my primary reason for not having one yet. If they ever manage to get the developer option on every Xbox then I would get one regardless of games, but the few games that appeal to me ATM aren't enough to plop down $350-450 on the system for(I'd get Kinect for development purposes). Ori and SO are the two games so far that do appeal to me. D4 also looks good, and Quantum Break I'm iffy on since the game play reveal didn't impress me much. The rest just isn't for me, or there are suitable alternatives(or better options in some cases) on my PS4

Time is my biggest constraint right now, so even if by this Christmas something major decides to come out, and even if there is some awesome bundle, I'm still not sure I'd bother with it since I can barely get in one game a week as is.

Bathyj1132d ago

Well they cant just not support Japan because many Japanese devs would just not support them. Dont people realise this?

I have to hand it to Microsoft, they have no chance of doing any serious business there, in fact it probably costs them money just to be there, but they are not giving up and they shouldnt, it would send a very bad message. MS supporting Japan is just the cost of doing business for them.

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