The Witcher 3: Pre vs. Post Day 1 Patch Comparison On PS4 Reveals Some Curious Difference

GearNuke: "Day 1 patch has improved performance on the PS4 but at a cost."

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jobboy1039d ago

at the beginning of this gen new consoles struggled to maintain 60 fps....and now they already struggle to hold 30fps...what a weak generation!! :(

Erik73571039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Technology moves faster than's going to outpace hardware that stays the same for years and only cost 300-400 dollars.

I expect this generation will be shorter

Gwiz1039d ago

Much shorter this way.

breakpad1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Nintendo with the 3DS has a different opinion...doesnt matter to be at the peak of technology everytime, it matters to be peak in art direction and innovative game mechanics/gameplay and secondly technology do not be a setback to this

GenuineGamer1039d ago

Its all dependent on the game. 30fps is generally the sweet spot on consoles for a game like this. It always has been. There are plenty of full 1080p locked 60fps games coming. The generation is fine and the games look great. Stop being a downer

jv19911038d ago

Your right mate this gen just started. Ppl dont have enough patience.

NoctisPendragon1039d ago

Some devs will always prefer better graphics and animations than 60 FPS .

starchild1039d ago

Most games are 30fps on consoles, especially open world games with advanced graphics. Dragon Age Inquisition, Infamous Second Son and AC Unity all ran at 30fps too.

I think the consoles will be just fine. Developers have always had to work within the constraints of fixed hardware. Having certain limits can actually be a good thing for creativity.

Wii_nes_0071038d ago

Second son gave you the option to run 60 fps in a later patch

paulust20021038d ago

I think 30fps is fine and since GTA V ps4 was patched, it runs smoothy at this rate. I think games where it is struggling to maintain this fps really have an effect on gameplay. The camera in this game is simply jerky and an eyesore on a large screen, dropping to 720p seems to help a little

showtimefolks1039d ago


Witcher 3 us 39 fps because it's a open world game on consiles. There will be plenty of games that will target and achieve 60 fps

Also as we go further into this gen and developers get more comfortable with each systems tech than we will see amazing games

If uncharted series, god of war 3 and the last of us can happen on 512 mb than imagine what 4 to 6 gb of ram can do

Brazz1039d ago

to be fair, pre patch on Ps4 already surpass 30FPS, the thing is, it's not consistent, the thing goes from 28-37 fps making the frame pace strange...

post-patch have much better framepace on Ps4.

Shineon1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I've been saying this since they launched those meager upgrades from ps3 and 360.I look at the exclusives and I still can't say wow, it's more like owe that looks nice.But really 30fps were really in gen 7.3 with these consoles. Good thing this game didn't get released on ps3 and 360 because they would of blamed the 30fps on them developing for weaker hardware.

Orbilator1038d ago

Does any one really care as long as the games are good. To many neg comments about crap like this, just play the fooking games

Wii_nes_0071038d ago

TW3 is unplayable to me because of constant lag when i move the camera. Its the laggiest game ive ever played. I deleted it from my ps4 and refuse to play it in its condition. The graphics are ghe best ive ever swwn but whats the point if its performance is awful. Im 33 years old, biggest let down in my gaming career. I hope they fix it soon

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corroios1039d ago

You cant have everything. Cheap console with high end performance.

For the price that you pay for a PS4 is good enough and afordable to many more player then the one that can buy Titan or r9

Tetsdah1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Indeed. Plus add to the fact that it's a multiplat game. While how awesome as it is, is still plagued with various issues, so I'm not entirely shocked. Still regardless, it's pure awesomesauce no matter the console you play it on!

T9001039d ago

Question is why are you comparing the console to a Titan. Then calling a victory.

Compare it to a r280 or a Gtx 960 much more comparable that way.

Now add in that console charges to go online, has more expensive games, has no BC. It adds up to be about even in the end.

Please dont make it a biased comparison where you compare a Titan to a console.

buttclown1038d ago

Add to the fact that you can play at a pretty steady 60 fps

Genuine-User1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

PS4 + The Witcher 3 + 3 Months PS Plus = £300

Now build me a gaming PC with a GTX 960 around the £300 mark.

buttclown1038d ago

That's a good deal but I will stick take my gaming pc. RPG's just feel normal to me with a mouse and keyboard. Plus, I've been spoiled with 60 FPS, I've got to have it now.

Also, Hairworks makes Geralt so... dreamy..

Str8Chaos741038d ago

"Now build me a gaming PC with a GTX 960 around the £300 mark."

The most tired and dumb argument there is. PC does much more than play games.

kratoz12091039d ago

Jesus it still runs perfectly fine on the ps4

Damrock1039d ago

Apart from most cutscenes getting stuck at 20fps locked, Go check DF performance review with patch one.

Gameplay itself seemed pretty stable but custscenes are far from it.

Hopefully they can fix this it's really annoying.

the_dark_one1038d ago

Well i rather have gameplat uneffected then the cutscenes, i didnt minded them on DAI whene it looked like it was suttering and here doesnt affect me to much

Wii_nes_0071038d ago

I must be the only person alive that got a laggy copy of TW3 on ps4. Seriously, it lags so bad its all i can focus on. Im thinking of exchanging it for a different copy.

ironmonkey1039d ago

Ps4 is more than good enough and cheap as well and very very close in comparison with the pc version of this game. I will get it for ps4 only because it will have trade in value and will get the free version on pc To experience its full potential. 290x crossfire here*

Khajiit861038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

"free version"? Didnt know there was one.... Unless you are pirating of course..... Which is illegal.

nikrel1039d ago

People are taking this way to far, if you want extreme customization then build a PC, if you want it to just work buy a console. Consoles will almost always be less than stellar vs pc, accept it & move on, 95% of people will not even notice these changes because they are moving around to much.

wolf5811039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

yep right but we must mention that
the NVIDIA TITAN X (1000$ ) as y know would produce the fastest results.

The new Titan
posted an average of 66.3 FPS on maximum detail with NVIDIA Hairworks
off and SSAO anti-aliasing (rather than HBAO+), while an MSI GTX 970 (350$)
Gaming card came in second at 1920 x 1080
with an average FPS of 44.7 under the same conditions.(almost like ps4 but the card costs like a ps4!)

The TITAN X also managed just a few frames above 30 in 4K.
Interestingly, the GTX 780 Ti (490$) – the Gainward Phantom model in this
instance – was comfortably behind MSI’s overclocked GTX 970, while the
AMD R9 290 and R9 290x (from Sapphire and MSI respectively) also posted
higher specs than the 780 Ti.
and i dont mention that anyone which have AMD cards have problem with the game and the hair technology of nvidia.The funny thing is that consoles is based on amd chips and runs this technology just fine.

Either way y cant build a pc with 350$ and play witcher 3 like a ps4 for example.

T9001039d ago

Well the Nvidia Hairworks takes alot of GPU power. The SSAO or HBAO on PC is far superior to the one on the PS4.

Also AF on the PC is far ahead too. If you reduce those to the PS4 levels then i am sure GTX 970 will be managing near 60fps.

nikrel1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

O I know & I'm having issues with my PC running TW3, I went out and purchased the PS4 version & it just works.

I find it odd tho every other game out on the market does not gives me issues yet TW3 is riddled with problems.

i5 3750k @ 4.1ghz
660 ti
16gb 1666mhz ram

I'm running GTA5 on high settings flawlessly 60fps, other games no issues at all 60fps but man this title just puts my card through the ringer & i'm crashing all the time to boot, why i went out and got the ps4 ver.

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