Why is The Witcher 3 So Long?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has two hundred hours of content, maybe more depending on the player, and definitely more when you take its DLC into account. Let that sink in for a minute. According to The Witcher takes players on average about 65 hours to do everything, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings 56 hours. So why the heck is The Witcher 3 so much bigger?

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Valenka1189d ago

Why is The Witcher 3 so long? Because a lot of time and effort went into crafting an experience well worth the asking price, that's why.

Crazay1189d ago

That's it. I didn't read the article but I for one, am more than a little excited and pleased to hear that there's so much to do and see in this game. Games like Skyrim and Fallout are so few and far between. I need and crave a game that has as much detail as this. Should keep me well occupied until we get Fallout 4.

Let's not complain about an extra long game. There's already too much bitching about games that are too short.

lelo2play1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

"Why is The Witcher 3 So Long?"

Wrong question.

A good question would be: Why are most 60-70€ (or $60 in the USA) games so short?

I just purchased The Order 1886 second hand for 30€. After playing it, I was pissed that I wasted 30€ for a 7 hour game (thank God I didn't purchase it full price). The dam story of the game is not even complete. I'll lend it to a friend and after that try to resell it.

subtenko1189d ago

Same with BF4, I was like wtf.... trying to get my moneys worth from online MP

Valenka1188d ago

Well, that's exactly why I avoid those games like I would avoid a viral plague. Games that have more influence, effort and attention placed on the online multiplayer than on their half-arsed campaign will never be on my to-buy list. I'd rather eat the money.

RpgSama1189d ago

I don't have the Order, never played it, so I can't really talk about it's quality, what I do can say is that I've finished The Witcher 2 and i'm anxiously waiting till I get my hands on the Witcher 3.

Having said that, I don't think is fair to expect every game to be a big 200 hour sprawling adventure for $60, I paid full price for a game like Ico back in the ps2 days, a journey that is still to this day one of the better gaming experiences of my life, same with Metal Gear Solid for PSX and a great number of other amazing, short but full priced titles.

_-EDMIX-_1189d ago

Thats actually pretty strange. I just played Ico a couple days ago on PS3. Great, great underrated game.

_-EDMIX-_1189d ago

Not really bud. RPG's are long based on the genre. Most are around that 40 plus hour mark and higher.

Value and price are not the same. We all know it takes years to create games. The price is not a reflection of the value, its a reflection of the cost it took to produce that title and the demand for that title.

The value is what you as the gamer believe its worth. If you like COD....$60 is worth a new COD game to you. At the end of the day, many of those teams still spent time actually crafting those games. It can't really be compared directly as it makes no sense.

I don't agree with The Order's length personally, but I've played shorter titles before. Its just too subjective. But I do feel its shouldn't be priced at $60 even if the work spent on the game actually need to be put at $60.

A high budget game, with a narrative, short concept that offers subjective value is something that is really, really hard to sell.

Now, I love narrative based games, even many with simplistic game play, ie Walking Dead, Life Is Strange, Myst, Monkey Island etc But 5 hours is really, really pushing it on such a concept for $60. They need to merely focus on exactly what they are trying to deliver and have their actual budget reflex that. Now The Order did make a lot of money, that may not be the same for its sequel, ie you can fool some once, but those same gamers may not buy again. (ie first time buyers may have not known of its short length)

That being said, don't get me wrong, I love many games with all lengths and don't actually feel length is a good judge of value, I feel really quality is and does it convey its concept properly.

I know folks who buy COD for the single players... Hell I question why many even buy Madden every year, its really just too subjective.

clouds51189d ago

Agreed but game length isn't everything. That time also needs to be fun. I've played games that feel boring very quickly even though there is still a lot of content in it.
What always helps for me are good characters and an interesting story. W3 looks good so far (played the starting area).

kraenk121188d ago

The Order is a great game for 30 bucks. It seems it's just not for everyone. The production values are totally different and justify that price imho.

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DEEBO1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I have to admit that after going to another zone on the map I got a little bit shook on how much content was in the game but then I had a feeling of joy.

Knowing that it's so much content left and the game is so fun.
Open world games are what FPS where last generation and I love it!

Batman on deck with MGS5 Batting with bases loaded.there is no better hobby then games(opinion)

Transporter471189d ago

I don't answer stupid questions sorry. Well, sarcasm aside, it is because a lot of hard work went into creating this amazing world. RPGs tend to be the most bang for your buck you will get. I believe this is why shooters tend to have MP when some games do not need it. For example, Tomb Raider did not need MP ever, but sometimes publishers feel like they need to justify the price tag.

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