Five Reasons Batman: Arkham Knight is Worth Purchasing Despite its Season Pass

While there’s reason to be angry with Warner Bros. about the large price increase, there’s no reason to lash out at Batman: Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight could still be a great game, and there are a few reasons why we shouldn’t give up on it.

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ValKilmer938d ago

Honestly, if this game was $100 I'd still buy it.

Yi-Long938d ago

I'm extremely excited about the game, but I can't and won't support this kind of greed.

20-25 euro for the Season Pass IF that actually included ALL content, I could have lived with that... but 40 euro is just wayyy to expensive.

I'll wait for a cheaper GOTY edition next year.

turdburgler1080938d ago

Of course you would buy it. You starred in batman forever.

ValKilmer938d ago

Which is undeniably the best Batman film that is or ever was.

-Foxtrot938d ago

Well it's obviously still worth purchasing but the season pass is still ridiculous.

I hate the fact even the expensive Batmobile edition doesn't include the Season pass.

RealFry938d ago

Im buying the game still, but skipping the seasons pass, until I see more about it and have it at 50% off.

DivoJones938d ago

Yep I'll wait til it's $30 or a GOTY version.

DualWielding938d ago

the GOTY edition would be worth buying

curtis92938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

If you liked AA & AC, you'll like this game. Looks exactly the same. Large, empty area with pockets of thugs. Get in the same gang fight brawl over and over while looking for hundreds of 'trophies' after a short campaign in which you blast through a dozen of batman's biggest foes easily.

If you think the batmobile will add anything to this game, I honestly think you're going to be let down. It's merely a way to fast travel (oh and you can blow up some 'remote controlled' cars).

But alas, it'll get multiple GOTY awards because it's Batman. And we're so desperate for superhero games that don't completely suck, we throw GOTY awards at the ones that aren't total trash like it's some amazing achievement.

bjshepp938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

"But alas, it'll get multiple GOTY awards because it's Batman."

Origins didn't recieve any GOTY awards.. Your argument has no weight. Go troll somewhere else.

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The story is too old to be commented.