Mario Maker is Nintendo’s Most Promising Title of the Year | Hardcore Gamer

The pudgy plumber’s 2D exploits remain some of the finest experiences in all of gaming, and now Nintendo is giving players the power to build their own versions of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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ValKilmer1185d ago

I thought Splatoon was?

DryBoneKoopa851185d ago

@ValKilmer: It's an opinion piece. This writer might feel that Mario Maker is Nintendo's most promising tittle this year. Another person might see Splatoon that way or Xenoblade Chronicles X. For me they all our promising in their own way. Each tittle mentioned plays and looks differently from each other.

I think 2015 might be Nintendo's most diverse year for tittle releases. Tittles like...

Xenoblade Chronicles X - JRPG
Mario Maker - Make your own platform
Star Fox - A flight shooter
Fatal Frame 5 - Horror
Devils Third - Over the top action game
Yoshi's Wooly World - A fun and colorful platformer.
Splatoon - Third person shooter

I feel like Nintendo has a little something for everyone this year. For me Fatal Frame 5 is the game I want the most.

Mega_Volnutt1185d ago

I agreed to your comment but, imo, I want all of those games you mentioned. With Halo 5 coming too and all of those awesome Ninty games, my wallet definitely will not resist. I might not buy a couple those, because of my very tight budget and limited time, but I'm definitely getting at least, Splatoon, Xenoblades X and Devils Third. The other games sadly for next year.

N4g_null1185d ago

This is a great problem to have.

Summons751185d ago

Why not both? WiiU has a ton of amazing and promising titles coming.

3-4-51185d ago

* Mario Maker is a game changer in way in that you basically never need another 2D platformer again.

I mean yea, others will be worth playing, but if you ever get bored, you can always just create one via Mario Maker.

* The fact that it includes the art styles and sounds and music we love is just a huge bonus.

* It's not going to be super huge, but for 2D platformers it will shake things up within that specific genre.

DragoonsScaleLegends1185d ago

Mario Maker looks awesome because it has a Super Mario World option and if you didn't know that game doesn't get as much credit as all the other Mario games so this is a huge plus.

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xPhearR3dx1185d ago

uhh Xenoblade Chronicles X says hello. Not going to lie though, I'm super excited for Mario Maker. I know people are going to make some really cool stuff.

ValKilmer1185d ago

But is Xenoblade Chronicles X as innovative?

wonderfulmonkeyman1185d ago

I mean, what other single player console JRPG can you remember in the past 5 or so years, that had a world this large, with optional multiplayer modes ( both lossely connected and directly for raid battles), on top of customizable flying mechs?

None come to my mind...

Spotie1185d ago

Combining a bunch of things from other games doesn't make a title innovative.

wonderfulmonkeyman1185d ago

All right, spotie, then how about the Hopper Cam and Navigation Orb?
Both of those things are something not often seen in open world JRPG's before now, yet both are useful enough that they could become staple features for open world games like this if they catch on.
And best of all, their form can change to match the setting of a wide variety of games without losing function.

Example: Skyrim had a spell that was pretty damned close in function to the Nav Orb, but it had a limited effect time before it had to be recast.
Change that spell to a "Seeker's Eye" spell that can instantly be recast for little to no mana, and make it follow a more accurate path to the goal.
Similarly, an "Eagle's Eye" spell could easily function like the Hopper cam does.
Heck, I will be surprised if the Nexus community hasn't made mods for those features within a month of XCX's stateside release.

WeAreLegion1185d ago

Innovative? They're giving you part of their engine. That's like Little Big Planet, but without the effort.

roboshort1185d ago

Xenoblade is actually fairly innovative. Not extremely innovative, but very few major titles are these days, Mario Maker included. In terms of innovation for major titles, I think Splatoon probably takes the cake this year. Anyway, Xenoblade has a beautiful alien world, great combat, a soundtrack not typical in RPGs, exploration made easy by the innovative interactive map. Also, it successfully blends WRPGs and JRPGs.. It's not really a JRPG in the strict sense.

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Maybay1185d ago

Mario Maker is Nintendo's "Minecraft."

A $250 bundle, could be enticing enough for consumers for the holiday season.

KryptoniteTail1185d ago

The best thing is Nintendo may create a franchise off this. Imagine making your own Metroid or Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, F-Zero, name it! That is what is most exciting, really. The DLC potential for each title is way high as well. Mario Maker could put Peach or Waluigi DLC, for example.

BigDuo1185d ago

I'm not sure I would saw Xenoblade X is innovative, but it is a fairly ambitious game. The title has numerous complex gameplay systems to it, and things like mechs add another layer to exploration, traversal and combat in a game that already made other considerable differences from the first Xenoblade 1, including its non-linear open game world. Whether it pulls it off well remains to be seen.

From what I have read of player import impressions of the Japanese versions, the mechs add some good and bad things to Xenoblade X. By the time you get one, its been said by some players that it makes traversal and exploration in particularly even more enjoyable and a different experience compared to how you do it as human party members on foot. The downside is that since Mechs do not level up to learn new arts moves, it hinders your character/combat progress, apparently between player levels 30-50. Secondly, in terms of traversal, it kind of feels like it cheapens it because you can bypass enemy threats and naturally not have to adhere to the terrain the environments since your flying.

Splatoon is an unconventional and innovative shooter. It's turf war scenario and squid mechanic make it play like no other shooter. It's a new kind of game experience. The squid mechanic is a cohesive and well-balanced aspect that ties into the core gameplay in more ways than one.

Mario Maker isn't innovative because there's other games like it, but what makes it important is how accessible and intuitive it is due to the game's interface. Quite frankly, Mario Maker is the kind of Wii U title that should have been a launch title that replaced New SMB U. Unlike LittleBigPlanet, Mario Maker will very likely be a much better platformer in terms of physics and platforming since its based on Super Mario Bros NES.

TheGamingArt1185d ago

Kidifying a gun game is innovative... lol.

wonderfulmonkeyman1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

If ever there was a post deserving of an "immature" down-bubble...

TheGamingArt1185d ago

I didn't realize honest statements and observations were considered immature

BigDuo1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Splatoon isn't aimed at the same target audience as Call of Duty, Halo or others such as Gears of War. It's aimed at appealing to Nintendo's dedicated audience. It's a competitive game that can have broad appeal like other Nintendo IPs such as Mario Kart.

Team Fortress 2 is a colorful, competitive cartoony shooter and yet people of different ages enjoy it, don't they ? The same can be said of Splatoon. You don't have to like Splatoon for its art style or how it plays, but don't bash it just because it isn't a mature game.

People may complain about Nintendo using established characters for spin-off games, but quite frankly, most publishers would love to have the iconic characters Nintendo has because they're a lot easier to market due to brand awareness than compared to the financial risk in in funding an original IP that is going up against established franchises.

TheGamingArt1185d ago

I didn't bash the target audience or state that it was a bad idea. I just distinguished that it isn't innovative. Simple as that. I don't think that you can argue that. Just like I wouldn't call a kid friendly version of COD innovative, or a version of Team Fortress with paintball innovative... nor a Portal clone innovative. No clue why you would come to false conclusions/defenses.

marloc_x1185d ago

You don't feel travelling through the ink as a combined sprint/stealth mechanic up vertical surfaces to recharge your squirt gun is innovative?

Change your username..

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roboshort1185d ago

"The downside is that since Mechs do not level up to learn new arts moves, it hinders your character/combat progress, apparently between player levels 30-50." Whether it is a downside depends on how you look at it.. I think it makes it better, and it makes more sense in terms of realism. The game is full of tradeoffs like this one that I think make the game more interesting.

N4g_null1184d ago

Innovation isnt what makes a game fun. It can be a tool to make a game fun. Xenoblade has its fun part and its challenging parts which are fun. The art and design is pretty cool also. That is also fun.

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