Splatoon Wii U pre-order No. 1 at Nintendo eShop post preview

Nintendo Co.’s Splatoon for the Wii U ranked as the top pre-order title at the Nintendo eShop post demo preview.

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Maybay944d ago


This should encourage Nintendo to develop more new IP's. Though Nintendo and their platform owners "need" to support quality 3rd party titles.

Bayonetta 2 (which was packaged with 1), and the Wonderful 101 deserved better sales.

wonderfulmonkeyman943d ago

It would also help if the people who don't own the system, that keep complaining about Nintendo only being about Mario, would actually do their part to change that perception by picking up this system specifically FOR games like Bay 2, Devil's Third, XCX and Splatoon.

I mean seriously, the lack of multiplats does not make the system's lineup of games horrible. There really is a little something for everyone, if only they'd step outside their third party bubble and give them a shot.

The system deserves more sales than it has, just like many of its games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory943d ago

Nintendo has created a lot of new IPs.

Of course the gaming industry ignores them.

Cause they always flip-flop and ask for Mario and Zelda.

3-4-5943d ago

* Buying Splatoon could show that New IP's can work on Nintendo consoles when you do them right and don't give us a half butt port.

PigPen944d ago

I'm buying Splatoon. I believe this game will be awesome online playing with other people.

DryBoneKoopa85943d ago

You and me both! I can't wait to actually jump in and start unlocking and customizing my character. My order of things to do is...

1. Single-player

2. Amiibo Missions

3. Then Multiplayer

I want to make sure I have the fundamentals of the game down solid before jumping online and getting competitive lol.

KaladinStormblessed944d ago

Of course it's the's really the only new big game coming out. I personally like physical games so I'll be getting mine day 1 at best buy, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone online. Only a couple weeks left...

RpgSama943d ago

Serious question, where can I see the list of top pre-ordered Wii U titles? I clicked on the link and all I can see is the title saying Splatoon is topping the list, want to see the list.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory943d ago

9 more days! and 3 more for the final Testfire!!