5 things that should happen at E3 (but probably won’t)

E3 is quickly approaching and the speculation about what to expect is high. Yet what we can expect not to see is sometimes a more difficult question.

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ritsuka6661184d ago

'''The Last Guardian is (officially) announced and dated'''

Keep dreaming bro,It's not gonna happen....

Rimeskeem1184d ago

Hasn't it been officially announced?

mnitroy1184d ago

I guess "reannounced" or "reacknowledged" could be better wording.

FattyBoy3D1183d ago

for 8 years in a row it was officially announced

WeAreLegion1183d ago

1. Don't need the small New 3DS in the US. Why would we want that?

2. The Last Guardian BETTER show up somewhere soon!

3. I don't think we need Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 HD. They still look incredible on the Wii. I would much rather resources go toward Galaxy 3. That series is incredible!

4. I wish Vita got support, but it doesn't make financial sense to either Sony or 3rd party developers, outside of the indie scene. :/ I love my Vita and I don't think I'll ever sell it, but there's just no way.

5. Whatever. I don't care. The PS4 and XBO are cheap enough.

MrSwankSinatra1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Actually a lot of people in the US want the regular new 3DS.

MrSwankSinatra1183d ago

1. Yes to regular New 3DS
2. Last Guardian doesn't exist
3. Yes to Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 HD
4. The Vita is pretty much dead to Sony
5. I don't see a price cut coming for the PS4, doubt the X1 will go any lower.

KryptoniteTail1183d ago

It never made sense not to ship regular N3DS, as long as YLG eventually releases at this point I'd be happy, 'd rather see a Super Mario Sunshine HD over Galaxy, Vita deserves the moon and the starsS4 can avoid a price cut with excellent bundles for compensation. XB1 & NWU need to go lower.

ZaWarudo1183d ago

Sony should push the Vita one last time, a complete relaunch or something. The Vita is such a gem of a handheld and deserves better sales and first party support.

jamstorr861183d ago

I have just revisited my Vita again. If you put the Vita down for say 6 Months and then return to it, you will find enough content has trickled out to satisfy your gaming needs. Saying that, I do enjoy a good session on Spelunky and Don't starve on my vita now and then

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The story is too old to be commented.