First impressions – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Pixel Dynamo]

"It happened. The zeroth hour arrived. A little button labeled “Play” turned green in the GOG Galaxy client and Geralt and I began a quest for his lost love with plenty of punching dudes, playing cards, and killing monsters to occupy us along the way. Several hours of game time later, we’re about to set off for a new major location and the next step in the main quest. I think it’s a good time to pause and reflect."

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Tzuno1186d ago

After playing 5 hours of Witcher 3 i can say that the game is interesting and will test your patience because there is much dialog to be made in this game. I play on blood and bones difficulty aka hard, this way i feel the game as a true experience, good luck with the griffon at higher difficulty :)

Mariusmssj1186d ago

I'm very glad to hear that :) I have read the books and have high interest in the story :D

WizzroSupreme1186d ago

My first impressions

• It needs more beard hairs

• Too much water

• Graphics are so last-gen

• Difficulty spikes are weird as heck

• Could use some multiplayer