Do Mortal Kombat Video View Statistics Hide a Disturbing Truth?

Do we mostly enjoy watching women get mutilated?

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johndoe112111072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Seriously?????Is this the new angle we're getting slapped with now? We like to watch women getting mutilated? I give it two days before this article hits twitter and sjw's start crying MISOGYNY. Personally, unless it's the ninjas, I prefer watching gamers play with female characters. I find them more interesting.

It's just like I prefer see people play with evil characters in this game because I think the evil characters have much better moves and abilities than the good characters. I think the good characters are boring. Does that mean I like evil more than good? No, it's simply a preference in this type of game.

"Seriously, I want to know, because otherwise I see these view counts as painting a rather disturbing picture of the gaming community, and that’s not exactly a picture I want to be true."
What picture does this actually paint of the gaming community? If people preferred watching the men get ripped apart then it's ok? You would prefer a community that liked watching men get torn to pieces? What the hell sort of double standards is that? Absolutely ridiculous article. Getting pretty fed up of cheatcc now.

Nyxus1072d ago

This has to be satire.

johndoe112111072d ago

Nope, not satire, just utter crap.