Xbox Live Rewards moves beyond free points, gives away actual prizes

When the Xbox Live Rewards program launched in 2010, Xbox 360 players had hopes for massive giveaways, but the service has proven to be pretty stingy with its digital cash values (formerly Microsoft Points) in exchange for doing small tasks on Xbox systems. But on Tuesday, the service exploded with a giveaway for longtime Rewards members, full of rare swag.

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WizzroSupreme1158d ago

Wow, that's great! So good to see Microsoft opens its eyes and realize what real gamers want. The power of swag can't be underestimated.

whitesoxfalife19761158d ago

they been doing this so wym wizz

Rookie_Monster1158d ago

Xvox live is the best! Aweaome new addition to the service.

GoPanthers9991158d ago

Because of this article, I logged into my Rewards account. I have 0 points despite playing daily and buying digital games from the online store. To that, I say WTF?