PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Extended Play Deals

Offering discounts on game bundles and season passes for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, the Extended Play sale began today in the North American PlayStation Store and is expected to run through Monday, May 25.

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Heyxyz1190d ago

Looks okay, but nothing to write home about...

Especially after last weeks AMAZING flash sale.

pivotplease1190d ago

Ya the flash sale was pretty solid. I didn't get anything though because I figure the same games often show up for sale repeatedly. Terraria PS4 and Freedom Wars remain on my to buy list. I think the latter will be a plus title eventually.

Heyxyz1190d ago

I bought Freedom Wars in the recent sale. I guess I just couldn't refuse it for that cheap.

Eidolon1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Got Freedom Wars because my friend has it and I love it, pretty fun and great concept. Didn't really like Toukiden Kiwami/MH games, but this is suppose to be similar, but I think the major thing that made it funner for me was the environments and combat system and the lighter/more playful vibe.. Toukiden was just to serious for me and kinda cheesy lol.

I got Terraria PS4/Vita for $6 on a sale a while back, have to say with the amount of time it grabbed me and fun I had, it has to be one of the best bang for buck game I've purchased. My brother and I platinum'd it and we pretty much did that playing together.

I bought Sound Shapes bundle and Motorstorm RC on this sale.

kreate1190d ago

The last flash sale, the golden week sale, and that 99c or under sale few months ago were the best ones.

Here's hoping a summer sale, and a 4th of july sale incoming.

zeroskie1190d ago

That was an amazing price for freedom wars. I'm playing it now and enjoying it very much

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Antifan1190d ago

Yeah, Steam shits all over this.

Army_of_Darkness1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Shitty sale... Can't even offer better deals than walmart when it comes too those AAA games...
The flash sales are by far the best still.

reallyNow1190d ago

lol...hardline.... amazing how fast that one went cheap

Minimox161189d ago

lol I tough the same thing!

WizzroSupreme1190d ago

Man, what a bummer compared to last week's sales. And I'm outta money, so guess that's that.

blackblades1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Tales of hearts r hope I'm correct that's it actually the game with all dlc.
Nope just the season pass and it's lame, just grade, lazy level increase, and gald who would buy that.

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The story is too old to be commented.