LittleBigPlanet Top: Not Resistance 2 or Gears of War 2

When you look at games like Resistance 2 with its massive multiplayer gaming and fan base, also Gears of War 2 that equally has a big following and fantastic graphics. It will be hard to top these games, but it has been done by something "Little".

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Breakfast3772d ago

LBP will be top 3 this year games for sure.

My most anticipated ps3 title :)

I dont know why Resistance would even be near the top, though.

Wildarmsjecht3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Because the original was actually a good game with a story that left gamers wanting to know the rest.
The Multiplayer also stands to be an interesting and actually fun aspect to the game. All those make it near the top.

Nitrowolf23772d ago

Resisistance had one of the best online in my opinion. I mean they had in-game buddy list, in-game chat room, in-game messaging. And really had no lag. I think the online portion of the game is where it was the best. The story was awsome as well.

Playstation Man3772d ago

Is just trying to get you worked up. Resistance is amazing. LBP is THE GAME of the next-gen. Look out October 2008!!!

Breakfast3772d ago

I for once was being honest.


I think Resistance is garbage.

"I mean they had in-game buddy list, in-game chat room, in-game messaging."

I can imagine how much you'd like Halo.

"I think the online portion of the game is where it was the best."

I strongly beg to differ.

mikeslemonade3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Coming out of E3 Little Big Planet gained the most positive hype out of the three games mentioned in this article.

Halo 3 isn't for everyone. For me the game is too slow. For a sci-fi i'd want it to be fast pace.

rexor07173772d ago

Of course it is, because you can sell levels!

Barreldragon003772d ago

Breakfast- ("I mean they had in-game buddy list, in-game chat room, in-game messaging."

I can imagine how much you'd like Halo.)

I like how you left out "And really had no lag" there.

Breakfast3772d ago

Im not spinning anything.

This is honest Breakfast. Halo has more lag then what?

Its still 10x the game, online.

Edit: Stephen Colbert for President :)

Barreldragon003772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

But seriously Resistance multiplayer is better then Halo's. (At least when i can find a game when it isn't one shot one kill, i mean seriously what's the point of having all thoughs guns if you can just shoot one round with a carbine and kill some one. OK rant over) I enjoy playing Halo from time to time but in the end all it comes down to (not counting the sniper rifle, or the missile launcher) is just running towards each other shooting and seeing who presses melee first. Resistance's guns are awesome the bullsie to lock on to a target around corners, Auger that can shoot a wall shield and through walls. Anyway thats just how i see it.

And yes Stephen Colbert is awesome (I had his picture here first damn it i just don't most much) lol

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n4gzz3772d ago

This game will kill mario :P

TheColbertinator3772d ago

Dangerous goal but this will create a new genre on consoles

NDN_Shadow3772d ago

So there's this site, G4, 1UP, any others?

hazardman3772d ago

from what i've seen of LBP it looks can basically create your own game..thats awesome, but i'm not one of those people that will be sitting in front my tv making levels and the rest of the stuff you can do in the game...there is way to many games in my opinion that deserve my time R2,GoW2,MGS4..LBP should've came out on the know for the little kids...i know i will get a lot of disagrees but f... it. LBP will not be the game of the year like most of you think..and with the other games coming out this year..this game is way on the bottom of my list..

poopsack3772d ago

you do not have to create your own levels, the game brings its own levels pre made and you can download users levels as well. Not that I think you would even have the creativity to start making your own, because you weren't even creative enough to use anything else than ... in your sentences. In the first couple of weeks after release you will be sorry, cause you will see the remakes of the most famous side scrollers done in HD, and you will see how much potential this game has. It may be kiddy, well sorry, its not another shooter, but the wii couldnt ever run this game so, no.

mcgrawgamer3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

imo for one reason only.

It's simple enough for the most casual gamer to pick up and play, yet it's complex enough for the most hardcore to have some real fun and a real challenge with it.

Also sackboys don't look that cute to where it's sickening. I mean where else could you possible have master chief, solid snake, kratos, marcus fenix, mario, and link in the same game? at least sackboy replicas of them anyway :)

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