Splatoon’s Sniper Rifle Doesn’t Look Overpowered

Splatoon's sniper rifle might not be completely overpowered, so don't fret yet!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Erm... wasn't it the ROLLER that people are/were worried about?
If anything, the "sniper" (aka, charger weapons) functions like an anti-roller; Not that great for inking a lot of turf quickly but great for taking out the Rollers, which is the one weapon that does do that efficiently.

Snakester951183d ago

Primarily was going off of the thought that most people hate sniper rifles / campers in shooters. That idea originally sparked in my mind when talking to a friend about sniper rifles in shooters. Although, having looked into the Roller as I'm not as up to date on Splatoon, that's crazy.

I'll have to look into that some more since it really does look like that can be rough. Just looks like the sort of person you'll have to focus once you see them.

wonderfulmonkeyman1183d ago

Yeah, it's the rollers that have people inking their shorts, so far.XD
Although, ironically, it does seem possible to jump over a low roller with proper timing, so if you're skilled then they might not be an issue.
I'm personally looking forward to the update where the paint brushes get added in.
They're like speedier but much more narrow rollers with a fast but semi weak ink fling attack.
If they turn out to be deadly in direct Melee strikes, then using a Brush alongside gear that increases movement speed might become the preferred setup for outmaneuvering people in team death match, once that mode releases.

Mega_Volnutt1183d ago

I haven't had so much hype for an online/offline shooter, since COD 4. Right now, this game is No. 1 in preorder sales at the Nintendo eShop. It's really rare to see so much support from the Nintendo fanbase for an third-person shooter like ths. Epic success...

YosefH641183d ago

The charge weapon in the demo wasnt overpowered at all. I tried all of them and they seem pretty well balanced so far. It seems like maybe the different perks you use with those weapons will have more to do with getting specific advantages over other "loadouts"