Black Tusk Can Improve Gears of War

Microsoft has denied the existence of a Gears of War remaster since speculation started to ramp up on the title. Microsoft has become the first victim of the big three to spoilers revealing their plans ahead of their E3 briefing on June 15. One surprise that fans had an inkling of was a Gears of War return to Xbox.

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DarkOcelet1154d ago

I wonder if Gears HD will sell as well as MCC did.

It does look great. But i am more interested in the SP part of the game. Its the main seller for me. So hopefully it looks good after the graphic upgrade. And hopefully its not Bright!

Summons751154d ago

It will sell well regardless but Gears doesn't have nearly the fanbase or legacy as the Halo series. Also MCC is 4 games you can play back to back, this will just be Gears 1. Still, it will sell really well regardless especially coupled with a Gears 4 announcement.

_-EDMIX-_1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Agreed. It won't sell bad, but historically Halo has been the better selling series and even MCC didn't do extremely huge numbers.

I see Gears HD doing numbers near what MCC did, likely less.

Better question is....why are they always talking about Gears? That IP was bought AFTER they showed their new AAA FPS IP....where the hell is that?

I want to actually see that game at E3 and hopefully its not canned and they are working on both.

rainslacker1154d ago

I wish it were all three games. I only ever got to play the first one in it's entirety, and the other two only bits and pieces at friends houses. While I found the story of the first one rather cliche and mundane, I've been told as a trilogy it's a good story, so I'd like to play all of them to see if it's true.

between the GeOW trilogy and Halo:MCC which is in the same boat as the prior for me, it'd be worth getting a whole system for.

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super_bruno1154d ago

If they release it right after E3 it will sell.

gangsta_red1154d ago

"Include horde mode"

That is all I need!

YingYng1154d ago

Gears 1 didn't have a party up feature, right? You always had to find a room with a certain amount of round wins or something like that. I just want gears 2 or 3. Actually,I wouldn't mine having all 3. Judgement isn't considered a gears game lol

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PhoenixUp1154d ago

Microsoft would be more willing to show the remaster if Halo TMV didnt release as broken as it did

SolidGear31154d ago

I want the Marcus Fenix Collection,not just the first one. Gears 2 is my favorite.

Iluvtrim1154d ago

Gamers r never satisfied

crazychris41241154d ago

Agreed as much as I loved the 1st game I'm not gonna buy it again for anything over $10. Collection for 30 or 40 would be the price I pick it up. Just a lot more bang for your buck like halo mcc.

Whatever they do lets hope it's a smooth launch and doesn't take several months to fix like halo mcc.

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The story is too old to be commented.