The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 10 Glaring Flaws That Immediately Cripple It

Whether you’ve played the previous titles and loved them, or are thinking of getting on board with this latest entry (by all means do so, there’s a lot to like here), there are a number of obvious and crippling issues that must be addressed regardless.

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wallis1066d ago

I appreciate that unanimous praise can feel frustrating; no game is perfect and so when 10/10's get handed out you know that's not really a true score. There will still be bugs, and flaws etc.

But honestly I think this list is scraping the barrel. I won't go through everything in this article, but no.1 on the list is that the lore is impenetrable. As a newcomer to the series I agree that the lore is dense.

Which is cool, and kind of the point. I'm enjoying the experience of discovering everything for the first time, and I'm sure that if the gameplay continues to hold me I'll be on the witcher wikia looking up details on every nook and cranny for a long, long time. Games like dark souls clearly demonstrate that densely packed lore isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it's part of the appeal.

Roccetarius1066d ago

I wouldn't want to see them cripple the game even more, just because they're trying to adapt it to someone never playing or reading about it before. That's one of the things that worried me the most about this release, honestly.

joab7771066d ago

Absolutely scraping the barrel. If the article was, "10 things from a superb game that I wish were a little better", then yeah. But c'mon. I actually love the Souls games, so I prefer animations in combat, a more realistic aspect imo. And unlike Bloodborne (which hasn't decent load times now), you aren't reloading as much. And even if it's a 5 minutes loading time, it's quicker than not using it. I loved in Dragons Dogma that there was no fast travel early. It's an rpg with a huge open world. You are meant to spend time in it, o er and over, exploring, learning every inch.Whats the point if you are just sprinting to your next destination?

ChronoJoe1066d ago

If you read most of the reviewers scoring systems 10/10 does not typically mean it is a perfect game. It usually means it is the 'best' of its type, or a 'masterpiece'. That has never, to me, meant that it is absolutely flawless.

Games today are so large in size and scope, that there will undoubtedly be flaws present within every single one of them. However that does not prevent them from being the best in their class, or pushing their genre forward, considerably.

Witcher might have its issues, but it's focus, its story telling, it's influence, the sense of immersion crafted through the detail embodied into the world CD Project Red have created are all brilliant, the best in their class of game. When considering giving a score to a a role play game like The Witcher 3, its properties like these that have the dominant influence.

simgre1066d ago

Combat is unresponsive, really?
In my opinion the combat is fantastic! I really liked the combat in witcher 2 and this is even better.
But I guess some people dislike the style.

SinisterKieran1066d ago

yeah i think its amazing, I feel like you can feel the strength behind the blows.

Snookies121066d ago

The combat is definitely better than the first two games. It's not perfect, but it's a lot of fun when you get the hang of it. Especially on the harder difficulties.

joab7771066d ago

It is fantastic. Some ppl hate any realism added in. They want Cod's inhuman twitch ability, or GoW or DmC. I prefer Souls games.

WickedLester1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Been playing it for a few hours and honestly, my biggest gripe about it right now is how freaking TINY all of the on screen information is! It looks like it was all designed specifically for PC monitors that you sit 2 feet away from and it wasn't properly adapted to TV's in the living room where you sit 6-8 feet away. I'm playing it on a 60" TV and I had to scoot up closer to it because I was squinting to read all the of the information.

Shinuz1066d ago

You do know that in the option you can resize the ui.

WickedLester1066d ago

I did. Even at it's largest size it's still too small for TV.

Palitera1066d ago

Everything related to UI sucks deeply. The small font is just the more visible ridiculous mistake.

Oh, but to be honest, they didn't even bother to minimally adjust the UI for consoles. They just made it to PC and threw here on consoles. Screw the "coolest developers ever" who don't even optimize the game for the (only) three different platforms.

Kal-V31066d ago

You obviously have no idea what CDPR have done to warrant them "coolest developer ever" if you think they aren't, based on their UI font size on consoles.

WickedLester1066d ago

"what Shinuz said..."

...while true doesn't solve the issue.

Rocky51066d ago

Cannot agree more, I'm actually liking the game even though RPG's aren't my type of game, but the menu txt in the pause menu is killing it for me.

I sit about 5/6ft away on a 46" TV

OB1Biker1066d ago

Apparently on PS4 if you use accessibility option you can zoom in but I haven't tried

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Kal-V31066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

This really feels like complaining just to complain.
Witcher got alot of hype this time around and people need to speak negatively just because it's in the news.

People weren't able to make the "downgrade" BS stick after the game came out to the public (notice people talking about it now had decreased dramatically) so they decide to complain about things that aren't actually worth complaining about (minor annoyances and hang-ups, like making a big deal about 10 second unskipable cutscenes).

Skyrim and other RPGs had WAY worse issues than Witcher, but you know, Witcher series isn't that well know and established compared to Elder Scrolls so it can't possibly be as good. The PS3 version of Skyrim had such bad framerate at times it was damn near unplayable.

Nirvaniac1066d ago

I just wear a pair of binoculars around my neck so when I have to read anything on screen I just look right through those babies! Solved!

Lon3wolf1066d ago

Workaround provided for everybody, cheers.

Serious head now, I am sure they will do something with the UI size/font, there are issues on PC too with various things.

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