GameZone: RACE Pro E3 2008 Preview

For the past several years, SimBin has brought realistic racing simulators to PC gamers all over the world. This fall they will bring their development expertise to Xbox 360 in RACE Pro, the first console-specific (and 360-exclusive) title in the series.

Over 10 real-world tracks are being rendered for the game, as well as several real-world vehicles. The BMW 320si, Puegeot 407, Chevy Lacetti and Honda Accord were a few of the cars being shown off at E3, and they all looked good running on the Xbox 360 hardware. Crashes were met with the usual dose of visual delights: a realistically crumpled front end, blown tires, scratch marks, and other subtle elements that only the current game machines can deliver. The course designs were a little early but their frame rate already seemed solid in single-player mode, showing no signs of pop-up or slowdown.

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