Destiny House of Wolves New Social Area Tour Video

A look around the new social area and vendors in the Destiny House of Wolves DLC expansion which is available now.

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Dewitt1035d ago

It is cool that they added a new area, but it is so boring socially there is no player interaction, no mini games, no life to any of the NPCs, and nothing to keep people coming back. So much needs fixed with this generic socially broken game.

Before I quit I really thought bungie was going to take our criticisms to heart, but they proved to me ALL they care about is the money.

Nitrowolf21035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

I think we'll have to wait for the sequel to see if they truly learned just because it's very possible at this stage asking for some of those drastic changes old mean bug code changing.

I'm not sitting here trying to defend them, cause I'm as much disappointed as most others, but like the things you listed, I can't see them doing at this point till in the sequel. Mostly because all the dlc was pretty much done and advertised before the game even came out

3-4-51035d ago

Been playing 100% solo and I'm ok with the little social interaction.

The people you'd like to be talking to aren't usually the ones doing the talking, it's the annoying ones who don't shut up.

I really don't want somebody else ruining my experience.

You don't need words to play together.

WizzroSupreme1035d ago

Destiny is a great co-op experience, but House of Wolves sounds insane! Should jump back in the first opportunity I get!

Allsystemgamer1035d ago

Me and my friends just beat the story missions in an hour and a half. It was really disappointing. The strike is good but that's about it.

Prison of elders got boring fast.

I was really looking forward to this

kaizokuspy1035d ago

I was let down in the end before the first expansion came out. Was it worth the full price I paid for it? Sure, I played probably 60-80 hours, so I got my money's worth, but longevity to play it longer I'll be the first destiny fan boy to admit that the way the dlc was prepared, just made the series a wait and see next time around. I enjoyed a lot of it, had the horde mode and all the raids shipped with the game, it would've been fantastic. Had they better Stat tracking for everything like halo did, would've been great too. (No I don't want to open my browser and go to destinytracker. That should've been built into and came along side the game, like cod elite) it's just I guess, for as much love I had for the game while I played, when I stopped playing I just felt disheartened about the series as a whole. While playing it I ignored all the naysayers about content being cut and what not, but now that my experience is over and I've fully digested it, I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone now unless it was $30.00
Maybe as we get older and grow up through each system, we start to see the politics and pricing in games, much like we do with politics when we become adults and pay taxes, but I'll never understand, how can I love something at the time, while being 3rd degree burned by producers and devs alike. Anyways, yeah. My reflective take on my experience.

CorndogBurglar1035d ago

I still play Destiny, when my other two clanmates are on. The one thing Destiny got right that I don't think anyone can argue with is how much fun the co-op is.

Before HoW, we still logged in every Tuesday for the nightfall and weeklies. Now that there's a horde mode, I can see us sticking around for a while. Bungie has killed it with their horde modes in ODST, and Halo Reach, so I'm excited to get home and check this out tonight with my buddies.

WizzroSupreme1035d ago

Destiny's a breath of fresh air as far as gamers should be concerned: it's a co-op experience worth taking and it's no CoD. It's even better: it's Halo as an MMO FPS. Destiny doesn't need a sequel to stay relevant if they can keep adding more things into the original. Isn't that worth bucking the sequel trend?