Movers and Shakers: Publishers to Watch at E3 2015

CraveOnline: E3 2015 is on the horizon, and it’s swooping in fast. Running from June 14th through the 18th, nearly every major publisher will be in attendance. They bring with them the latest build of their best upcoming games, as well as announcements that want to drum excitement. This annual event will summon widespread discussion and signal the arrival of a new alumni of games.

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Transistor1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Gran Turismo 7 seems to now be called Gran Turismo Sport and now I fully expect to see it at E3.

Amar is legit, read the rest of the thread.

-Foxtrot1309d ago


Seems a bit strange to call it that

GT7 would do

Transistor1309d ago

It might just be Motorsport. It could be a prologue. I have no clue, but I know we have a name at least.

AngelicIceDiamond1309d ago

As much as I don't like EA I'm looking forward to their games than any other third party publisher actually. Sorry I'm just super stoked for Mirrors Edge 2, Mass Effect 4.

Yes I'm more stoked than Bethesda so sue me. And lets be realistic its gonna be Dishonored 2 and they're gonna tease Fall Out 4 at the end. I just know that's how it will play out. Not Discrediting dishonored 2 in anyway but Fall Out 4 is the game to watch for but we never get what we want it seems.

Activision will be mostly at Sony's conference with COD and Destiny. I have very little interest in either of those games. Unless they bring Tony Hawk at the show then I'll at least watch that. Activision needs to improve on their AAA offerings the most uninspiring publisher thus far.

Ubisoft will show off more Rainbow 6 which is a plus. Show off more of The Division for the third time. We know how it plays just give us a release date already. AC Syndicate looks boring uninspriring and nothing going for it. Not hype for that game one bit they can keep it. Hopefully they show off a brand new Ip or a returning franchise at the end of their conference like they usually do.

That's how I see it.

comebackkid98911309d ago

Bioware was so much better when they were 2nd party and I h8 ms.

wonderfulmonkeyman1309d ago

My biggest wish is to hear a release date for XCX within the next two or three months.
They've been working on those translations full time since the japanese version released, if not a little longer.
They GOTTA be close to done by now...

Also looking forward to Platinum's announcement. They did a tweet that could be construed as just a mere joke, or as a hint at their participation in a Metroid game. (Honestly, I'd trust them with it more than I would Team Ninja again...)
I'd be blown away by Bayonetta 3 on Wii U, though.

showtimefolks1309d ago

Gt7 or whatever it's called is given and will be released in December 2015. Not my words but words of the biggest retailer gaming chain owner in pakistan

Uncharted trilogy book it
god of war 3 remastered at e3 book it

A new game from R* very likely or maybe we will find out more about gta 5 single player dlc

Very excited about mass effect 4, nothing else from EA

nothing excites me about UBI they are the new EA of yearly releases. And they have lost all my respect and yeh yeh I don't matter but I use to spend money on ubi games now I don't. They are idiots abd nothing but full of over hyping marketing machine of making very generic games

Fallout 4 BOOK IT a release date in 2015 very very likely. Yes they have been working on it since skyrim.



Sony will hold back on announcing a lot of stuff for their own show later on in 2015. Playstation experience

Mgs 5 will be shown possibly new demo

Ms will show

Forza 6
Halo 5
tomb raider
crackdown 3 not sure about game play demo

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1309d ago

I am watching all of them.

But for Nintendo I need that Xenoblade Chronicles X summer release date, Fatal Frame V, Devil's Third, Star Fox, Yoshi's Woolly World, Mario Maker and SMTxFE!

Give my Pokken Fighter, PunchOut!! and F-Zero and I be satified or a Pokemon HD 3D Battling Sim like Stadium and a more improved online than Battle Revolution.

For Square Enix just Bravely Second, Just Cause 3 and at least something for FFXV to convince me that this game will be great.

For Sony lets see. Maybe a new Sly Cooper game would make me happy and as far third party goes Persona 5 and J-Star Victory VS+. Oh and if Sony announce PS Allstars 2 for PS4 and Vita then yeah I guess I get that. I supported the game from reveal day til E3 2013 came. The replay value wasn't there but a sequel can improve that right.......

EA, Ubisoft and Activision MEH

For Microsoft a Banjo Kazooie game in the vain of the classics N64 gameplay not Nuts & Bolts crap. Oh and the gameplay of Scalebound must impress me and Tomb Raider.

Gears of War 4 and Halo 5 I am already looking forward to since I have all Gears on X360 and Halo 1 Anniversary, Halo Reach, 3 and 4 on X360. So If Microsoft impress they scored a Xbox One sold.

Bethseda never really was interested in their games that can change though.

So overall Nintendo and Microsoft to me will be the most exciting.

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