Exactly How Nintendo Mishandled the 2015 World Championships

EB: The original NWC was one of the biggest events in video games. Nintendo had the chance to revive a competition that would have sparked such nostalgia and created a wonderfully competitive environment. Instead we received a "chance" to sit in a Best Buy for nine hours and try to get the highest score or we get nothing. No prizes. Not even a Geo Metro.

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WizzroSupreme1183d ago

Eh, there were a few missteps, but when you're down, you're not necessarily out.

Agent_00_Revan1183d ago

Yea, when they announced it this close to E3 i figured it didn't sound like it would be as big as it was before. Seeing the severe lack of cities is unsettling. Maybe if they do it again next year and plan it properly, we'll see.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1183d ago

Yeah only 8 locations is pretty rough. It will be a mad house at each of these Best Buy stores, so I bet many get turned away at the door.

gerbwmu1183d ago

I wasn't really expecting anything more from this. Basically they are giving away 8 free trips to E3 plus paying another 8 celebrity gamers to show up as well. Probably should have made it 32 total...maybe 24 Best Buy champs but maybe next year time they will have a grander plan

Dunban671183d ago

if they are not going to do it right, they just should not do it- Nintendo takes its fans/customers for granted way too much

I feel for the people who really wanted to participate and thought it would be similar to the old tourney or even bigger-

TheROsingleB1183d ago

Remember when Nintendo held the Donkey Kong Country and Star Fox competitions at MANY Blockbusters? Granted, I think those were just run by the store employees with instructions on how to record the scores and they'd get sent to Nintendo to be compiled or whatever, but why couldn't they do it for something like this?
It's not like there's going to be a Reggie-bot at each Best Buy to moderate. This is just going to be a racket for those 8 stores and the first people in line with the most time to kill waiting will get to compete, the rest of them, regardless of skill, can F-off apparently.