Massive Amount of New Destiny: House of Wolves Launch Screens to Ogle

EB: The House of Wolves expansion for Destiny is now available, so Bungie and Activision have unleashed what feels like close to a million launch assets including new screenshots for Strikes, Gear, Story Missions, the two new modes, and other aspects for the expansion pass.

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JWiLL5521096d ago

Bungie did a great job with this DLC, a huge step above the last one.

Story missions were fun and there are more than expected (five).

Prison of Elders is a lot of fun. Level 32 was a good challenge, will try higher levels once I'm ready.

Most importantly for myself...the new PVP maps are stellar. They did a great job on all 4 of them. The one set in the "European Dead Zone" is a beauty.

1096d ago
kratoz12091096d ago

Are there new areas? Not places that where just locked.

JWiLL5521096d ago

Prison of Elders areas are all new.

There's actually 5 PVP maps and they're all quite well designed.

The best way I can describe it is this DLC finally makes good use of what areas Destiny does have, story and patrol wise.

Allsystemgamer1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

I'm REALLY disappointed with it. I'm on now with frends and we all feel the same. Prison of elders 32 is just a boss with massive waves. I would of rather had a new raid to be honest. The new armor looks sweet but my drop rates are still junk all the time

I was the first 33 of my group