GameZone: Animal Crossing City Folk E3 2008 Preview

Now more than ever, Nintendo loves peripherals. They released the Wii Zapper last fall; the Wii Wheel and Wii Balance Board this spring; will release the Wii MotionPlus next year; and this fall, WiiSpeak -- a multiplayer communication device -- will make its debut with Animal Crossing: City Folk (both the game and WiiSpeak will be sold separately).

City Folk is almost exactly what you'd expect: a new version of the last game. But what's "new" about it? Starting with the interface, the game feels more like it was designed for PC than Nintendo Wii. When the Wii remote is pointed at the screen, several options pop up on the bottom of the screen, allowing players to access menus very seamlessly. As soon as the remote is pointed away from the screen, the menu options disappear, taking City Folk back to normal gameplay.

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