The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Physical Package Puts All Other Games to Shame

Push Square: "I'm not overly thrilled at the fact that my age is beginning to increase against my will, but I am thankful that I'm old enough to appreciate physical media. It scares me somewhat that the kids growing up today may never know what it means to flick through the lyrics in a record sleeve or sniff the manual inside a brand new game. It's pleasing, then, to see CD Projekt Red stick a middle finger up at current trends."

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dumahim1156d ago

"There was a time when this was the standard for all new games"

Oh, when was that?

get2sammyb1156d ago

Fair point, this is above and beyond. But you used to get a manual or poster or something with most games.

Yi-Long1156d ago

This kinda treatment of their product and customers is why they got my money today, while so many other developers/publishers who prefer skimping and DLC-milking greed won't.

barb_wire1156d ago

You should check out the old Infocom text adventure game boxes from early 80's until the 90's.

Heck, I still have old flight simulators for my PC, that came with 200-300pg manuals, maps, keyboard overlays, a few of them even came with full novels too.

dumahim1156d ago

No doubt there were games that included a lot of neat stuff, but I'd never consider it standard.

Best I can recall would be NES games that would include a manual, dust cover, and usually a map or poster and other junk like Nintendo power subscription ads.

morganfell1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )


That is what I miss most - the manuals. I have the original manuals for games such as Klingon Academy, Falcon 4.0, Black Shark, Janes Dangerous Waters. Massive tomes that you could pour over for hours. That said I just took a break from The Witcher. The Collector's Edition is well worth the money. The art book is even better than the last one.

Very enthralled with this game as it takes me back to the original more than the second title. Something about the soundtrack and the more available scrounging/looting feel.

kbozz711156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

It does bring back memories from a time long passed.

FunkMacNasty1156d ago

There was a time when they all at least came with instruction booklets, many of which narrated a bit of the story and introduced characters in the game. The fact that it even has a manual is astounding.

I think the last time every game you got had a manual inside was probably the ps2 era or so, right? I seem to remember most PS3/360 games moving more toward digital manuals that were available online or within the game menu.

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Toiletsteak1156d ago

I was surprised when i opened mine to find all that inside.

Dario_DC1156d ago

This is a great example on how games should come! Keep on doing what you do CD Projekt Red.

immabadguy1156d ago

It definitely was a pleasant suprise to find everything in there!

PANDAB1156d ago

They really did something special...

The STANDARD physical set comes with all the following:

1) The game in a special wrapper
2) An actual manual (!!)
3) A compendium telling you about the game and some monsters
4) A thank you note (they didn't have to but felt it necessary)
5) Game full soundtrack on a standalone CD
6) A high-quality map of the world printed on heavy-duty paper
7) A couple of wolf stickers

And on top of it all they offered a discount on the price right across the board no matter the platform you are playing on.

You have to appreciate developers like this

elazz1156d ago

Just because of the way CD Projekt is handling the game I'm going to buy it soon (PS4) after my exams have finished. Was always interested but I never played a Witcher game before (First 2 should be able to work on my PC with med/high at 900/1080p and with the often sales I should just buy them).

bigdog1411156d ago

I'm really proud of CD Projekt Red for doing this..reminding everyone of how it used to be...and other cheap ass publishers should take note. I'm happy people finally realize what some publishers have been doing to "save costs" or get cheap all these years, and why a lot of people (myself included) loved getting physical over digital. Not saying it's the only reason people like physical, but it's a small one. I've noticed it slowly specifically from the transition of the PS2/Xbox era to the PS3/360 era, and I was always wondering why people weren't getting ticked off when the manuals, cool stuff, etc. stopped showing up in games.

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