50 Most Exciting PlayStation Games of 2015, and Beyond

A handful of awesome games have already released this year (Bloodborne, Dying Light), but there is a whole lot more to come! We have compiled a list of the 50 most exciting games that are releasing (for the most part) this year. Without further ado, the 50 most exciting PlayStation games of 2015, and beyond.

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WizzroSupreme913d ago

Man, Playstation's gotta mammoth E3 ahead of 'em this year. I can feel it!

brettnll913d ago

So many games! Much better than last year too!

3-4-5913d ago

E3's looking good for everyone this year.

It's a good year for movies and video games.

RealFry913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

Wow no mention of planetside2? or Naruto ninja storm 4....

DarXyde913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

I take it it's just me who's trying to check out the link but, for whatever reason, it keeps timing out...

EDIT: Nevermind, it works now.

brettnll913d ago

It wasn't just you! Should work now haha

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