Does Star Wars Battlefront’s resolution matter to you?

"I’m not entirely convinced by the new Star Wars Battlefront for a number of reasons, but resolution is not one of them. Does it really matter to you?"

Amid recent resolution speculation regarding Star Wars Battlefront, Gamespresso's Steve asks, does its resolution matter to you?

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hennessey861184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

if this is the most important thing this gen I'm glad I haven't bothered buying one of these so called next gen consoles. I have none of these worries on PC.

SpaceRanger1184d ago

For someone who might now be able to afford a high end PC to output the best resolution they'd like. A console is the way to go.

But all in all, YES resolution does matter.
And I'm 100% sure everyone on this site watches YouTube videos (especially game trailers) in 1080p rather than 720p. Why? Because it's a better resolution and there's no denying that.

IrishSt0ner1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

My GTX770 & i7-4790 cost £450. My XBO cost £429. I spent £600 on games over the past year on Xbox. I spent £100 on games over the past year on PC. I have many more games on PC.

My PC is vastly more powerful.

PC gaming is not more expensive than console gaming, end of story.

OT: 1080p is what my monitor can support so that's what it'll be.

venom061184d ago

Kinda of a stupid article.. How are not "convinced by the new Battlefront" when you don't know all the new Battlefront has to offer. That's like saying, "Black Ops 3 is a Advanced Warfare/Titanfall rip off" and you haven't played it and don't know what all the game has to offer. People are SOO knee-jerk and reactionary it's actually really pathetic

Utalkin2me1184d ago


So while you paid 450 for CPU and GPU, while you're comparing it to the cost of a XBOX1. A CPU and GPU alone is going to do nothing.

_-EDMIX-_1184d ago

@Irishstoner- ??? " I spent £600 on games over the past year on Xbox"

Why? The hell? LOL! Just buy used! I'm sorry but why would you own a gaming PC with such a great GPU, yet its clear your buying brand new games on XONE, seemly almost every month?

I"m sorry bud, but yes....PC gaming is very much more expensive then console gaming, I own both and can 100% confirm it very much is.

Your adding the price of your GPU....yet clearly negating the cost of your computer. That is 450...on top of what you payed for your last rig.

Even you only spending 100 on games.....OH so you only bought on sales? Or you bought less then 2 new games day 1 on PC?

Soooooo you bought brand new XONE games every single month though? All that proves is your not that great with money.

Also add in your "My" um "GTX770 & i7-4790 cost £450" how? That CPU is around 330, that GPU is around 300 as well, we don't know if you have the 1 gig version or the 2 gig version either. In fact....we don't know how you got those parts period. LOL! For all we know you stole them. That....that sorta doesn't prove anything about PC gaming being cheaper.

Merely means "cheaper" for you as you steal your parts, buy brand new XONE games and only buy PC games on sale.

Could one not only buy used console games and brand new PC games and claim the same against PC gaming? Bud...use your brain on this one. Again...I own both and very much don't get how you came to such a conclusion.

AC Unity on Steam


.....strange, its 60.

AC Unity on Amazon used on console, $18 and $10, even the boxed PC version is more expensive then both used versions lol.

Don't get me wrong, I go HAM on steam sales.....but used games are low in price all year round and keep getting lower as time goes on.

Lets say I want to play Mass Effect 2...TODAY!




....$20 or....$2? Again...I love Steam sales, but I game on all systems and seek deals on ALL SYSTEMS, I will shop around and MOST of the best deals come from used console versions, then boxed PC versions, then sales for buy 2 used get 1 free etc THEN Steam sales.

Both have pluses and minus, but in the regard of cost, I mean hell no is PC cheaper in any damn regard lol.

Mind you...I'm fine with that, I own PC to play certain games, but I can never tell you I play based on "lower cost". OH....oh the lolz.

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Mikeyy1184d ago

Plenty of PC gamers do have to worry about these things. Lets be real.

You act like every PC out there does 4k ultra with minimal configuration, work, or money invested.

So its not just a console "peon" problem.

Congrats that you have the funds to build a new rig every 2 years and never have to worry about system requirements.

venom061184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

no resolution doesn't matter.. its all about how fun the game is..

avengers19781184d ago

For this type of game FPS and reliable network are the most important, then resolution.

3-4-51184d ago

* If the game is 1080p & 60FPS but it's boring and sucks, then how much does thew resolution really matter ?

If a game is 720p and it's really fun to play, then I'm not thinking about the resolution, I'm just enjoying the game.

Resolution only matters when everything else is working fine and it's an extra thing that brings it all together.

Yea you want it to look as good as possible, but if that takes away from the fun, then I don't want it.

Resolution never mattered to me.

* I played the entire last gen 2007-2012 on an Xbox 360 WITHOUT an HD cable, and games still looked good.

That is right..I played EVERY Xbox 360 game I ever did, on a tv without an HD cable and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.

Fun trumps resolution, that is why there are still SNES games that are better than new games from 2015.

CerebralAssassin1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Well on N4G that seems to be the only thing that matters. Resolution and frame rate. I put frame rate ahead of resolution but I'd be lying if I said resolution wasn't on my "important" list for gaming needs. It wouldn't stop me from buying a game if it had a low resolution but it's nice to have high resolution. Not a deal breaker though. Don't get the community on this site started about this though. This post will never die...

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Haru1184d ago

Yes it does, try watch a movie in 720p then switch to 1080p, even if you can't see a big difference there is a different feel to it more lighting more details etc

Transistor1184d ago

The difference between 720p and 1080p is over 100% in pixel count.

That's a big difference.

CerebralAssassin1184d ago

But would it stop you from watching the movie? I think not

WizzroSupreme1184d ago

Of course it does it if means I'm playing an inferior version of a game I should be able to love. No more lies, EA. Give me real resolution or I won't give you my money.

sashimi1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

don't worry it'll be dynamic 1080pr lol

but ya if it didn't matter lets just throw away our 1080p displays, why do companies even bother making 4k tvs etc etc lol

Mikeyy1184d ago

CDPR needs to trademark 1080pr ASAP, things are about to take off!

akurtz1184d ago

Uuuuh yeah! Go play on a tube and look at yourself in the mirror

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