Sony 'looking at' Hand-Tracking for PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus

VRFocus reports on the news that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is 'looking at' hand tracking for the Project Morpheus VR HMD.

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Brotard1183d ago

I think Morpheus is going to be a huge win for Sony. As in more so then even the vive and oculus, even if they are better hardware. The closed ecosystem of playstation is exactly what vr needs to thrive right now.

Oculus and vive have said they need powerful pcs to run them. Morpheus just needs ps4, move and eye which all be obtained for less than $500.

It's going to be popular for the same reasons consoles are popular ease of use, price, and no fragmentation.

But without developers support it's going to die just like kinect is.

Interested to see the games marked in 2 years or so

Joe9131182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

That is why I am glad they opened a studio just for Morpheus that was smart. That way even if it takes a while for devs to support VR (which a few already said they will like Ubi) they will have games ready and have a constant flow of games as well. It would be cool to have a E3 VR experience each year watch their conference and walk the floor in the Sony area.

LifeInNZ1182d ago

I'm not convinced as yet and need to see some purpose built VR games and not just VR equivalents of EyeToy games. I'm hoping Sony will have some great things to show off at E3 this year to help convince me.

Imagine if the upcoming Battlefront did have space battles and you could pop on the morpheus and feel like you're in the cockpit of an X-Wing! Or if wearing it made you feel like you were actually inside your titan in Titanfall 2.

mcstorm1182d ago

I'm still not sold on VR for home consoles. I could be wrong but I just don't see it being a big hit. I do think AR will be the bigger out of the two technologies. I'm not saying in gaming but more can be done with the tech VR is limited like motion is. Plus a lot of kids like to multi task when gaming. (text, Skype, play with phones and more) this can't be done when using VR.

Like I said I could be wrong but from what I am seeing I don't think VR will be the next big thing but it will be interesting to see how its developed.

dafegamer1182d ago

What makes you think that AR will be the bigger technology? In VR you're immersed in basically new areas and AR is very limited to the space you have, even more than VR. How can AR be bigger then?

OldDude1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I agree. At one time several years ago Nintendo was looking into VR and I thought how cool would that be. Years later I am not so sure, I have no desire to wear a large headset or to be cut off from everything else. I am taking a wait and see position on this and especially Oculus. AR seems cool, but will be spendy. If its under $1000 however I'm in.

As for hand tracking, shouldn't the PS4 camera already do that? If not they may need something like Kinect.

mcstorm1182d ago

@dafegamer because AR can be used for a lot more things than VR. AR dose not need a large space to be used as shown in some videos we have seen of the new AR devices.
I don't see AR being big in gaming but for business I can see if becoming bit especially if tablets start to take over the work space. Think about architects looking at 3D builds on their desk with AR and tweaking things in 3D.

That's just one of many ways it can be used. For me I don't see VR doing the same things and I also done see it being big in gaming too. Like I said I maybe wrong but I just don't see it being the next big thing esp in home console gaming.

Kurisu1182d ago

I can see PS4 getting an official price drop once Morpheus releases to make the price of Morpheus even more accessible.

comebackkid98911182d ago

I'll pass on motion controls, DS4 support please!

reallyNow1182d ago

ill be really happy if sony makes the morpheus work as a normal HD viewer for all games, and only has the 3d and vr stuff enabled for supporting games. that would be a HUGE win for PS gamers.

someOnecalled1182d ago

yeah the open application of pc and especailly technology makers creating new technology to use this easily is definitely going to be shadowed by morpheus. a fanbase that say they dont game on pc because looking stupid at a desk is really going to want to strap some huge googles on their face. a fanbase that hate spending money of stuff and constantly complain about price are really going to want to buy ps4 at $400 and $300 for morpheus just to play vr.

vr on other platform will be more accessible because its open platform. vr booth in arcade made with pc, and other applications (ex spa, therapy, research, education) vs. just on ps4.

and anther thing youre wrong able is the need to play vr. your forgetting the main perk about pc is its scaleable unlike console. we can easily drop gfx effect and ingame resolutions for lower end setups while on a high res hmd. console your stuck no matter what. funny how people easily forget pc gamers have options.why would it be hard to play vr at console vr setting and even better when these devices launch. this console launched outdate you telling me some how in some fantasy land when these devices launch gpu technology is not goiung to make it easy to proform this especially since nvidia and amd stated their stacked memory will make vr easier.

people dont follow tech unless its sony.

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ps4fanboy1182d ago

If they get hand tracking working , boom.

BABY-JEDI1182d ago

I think it will be amazing if they do have hand tracking (no Michael Jackson gloves please). This would really be good for vehicular/cockpit views. Not too sure about martial arts. Nothing like smashing the furniture LoL.

captainexplosion1182d ago

I really want to play table tennis and other sports with Morpheus so I hope they can do hand tracking.