New God of War III Remastered trailer shows off full 1080p/60fps gameplay

By Aaron KaufmanCommunity Strategist, SCE Santa Monica Studios:

God of War III Remastered is ready for pre-order worldwide! It will be available in stores and digitally on 15th July (17th July in the UK and Ireland). If you pre-order now, you’ll get the brand new God of War – Fall of Olympus Dynamic Theme.

To whet your appetite for the epicness ahead, we have a sneak peek at the iron spike and chain hook-filled face-off against Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. The video is at the full 1080p and 60fps. Combat was smooth and responsive on the PS3, but the PS4 boost lets Kratos’ legendary battles against the gods of Greek mythology really sing.

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super_bruno1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

This game looks so good and is a remastered last-gen game, can't imagine how GOW 4 will look like.

Transistor1159d ago

Cory Barlog says it looks better than this.

Cory's reply?

'challenge accepted! Actually the stuff we have now is topping that.'

So, yeah. Expect to be amazed again.

super_bruno1159d ago

if it end up looking like that on gameplay, it will be glorious.

AngelicIceDiamond1159d ago

"GoW is for 10 years olds" Says Bryan Altano from IGN.

Lol so in 1 more year my nephew will be able to pick up GoW games. In all honestly I get it he thinks this game is for the immature gamer. When a game is too mature its suddenly for kids.

TW are mature games with blood and sex why isn't bashing that? Sorry had to bring up how hilarious IGN is at times.

The game looks super silky. And getting that hype train goin for GoW 4.

bouzebbal1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

GOWIII remastered will have GOW4 beta in it. You have seen it here first!
1080p60fps definitely makes a difference.. oO

egidem1159d ago

That was bloody gorgeous!

Army_of_Darkness1159d ago

WOW! the enhanced sharp 1080p visuals with the 60fps makes a massive difference for this game too the point where it looks better than most of these current gen games that are out now!! Damn! I'm gonna definitely buy it again when it drops a little in price :-D

comebackkid98911159d ago

I think he was referring to combat depth compared to say DMC and Ninja Gaiden

NuggetsOfGod1159d ago

If so cory is not making an open woirld game. Look at the graphics lol

miyamoto1159d ago

yeah it looks amazing at 60fps

1159d ago
Bobby Kotex1159d ago

I love how 60fps on consoles don't matter... until you get it.

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RpgSama1159d ago

It is impressive how good this game looks considering is not even a late generation game, it came out in march 2010, damn impressive.

Big fan of the series and i'm really hoping for a new GOW game announcement at e3, but one without Kratos or greek mythology, we've seen seven main games with Kratos as the lead, and add to that 4 more releases between collections and remasters, a new game with a new "hero" and a new and different mythology, nordic would be a good fit in my opinion.

BitbyDeath1159d ago

Kratos is the God of War, also don't know if you played God of War 3 but the story has not been wrapped up yet so how bout they do that first eh?

DOMination-1159d ago

What is there left that didn't get wrapped up??

Thunder_G0d_Bane1158d ago

So basically you want an entirely different game. How about you leave God of War alone and go play something different?

I for one would love another instalment with Kratos thank you very much. And the Greek mythology is amazing. We don't get many games with that mythology now do we?

oasdada1159d ago

Damn still looks good.. and lol to so many stealth disagrees in the comment section..

Christopher1159d ago

I forgot how long that boss battle was.

badz1491159d ago

and I forgot how many tries did that fight take me on Titan mode. chaos mode actually made me stop trying LOL! got the Platinum for GoW3 but if they have made chaos mode as one of the trophies, I think I wouldn't have gotten it.

it's kinda crazy to think that the game still looks gorgeous on the PS3 and now they are upping it to 1080p60fps. kinda make you think what kind of graphics is awaiting for GoW4

gedapeleda1159d ago

It already looks amazing on PS3. What they pulled of with that hardware was more amazing.

jb2271159d ago

It definitely is, but my eye can't tell much of a difference between this & the original title which already looked absolutely phenomenal. Maybe playing on a big screen instead of a laptop would help but I'm more of the camp that this didn't necessarily need to happen. A straight port of the collection & the vita titles would've been a better bet, if you are wanting to get new PS gamers on board the GoW train, whereas this is just a slight improvement on an already masterful title. Even as pretty as GoW3 is, the gameplay & story is so great that the amazing visuals are really just icing on the cake.

Blaze9291159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I dunno, it looks exactly the same to me. The 60FPS didn't even make that much of a difference IMO. However, this is a remaster - not a remake.

someOnecalled1159d ago

the guy whos playing suck. i hate when i see gameplay videos and they make kratos look like a mere mortal

otherZinc1158d ago

Is this the exact same God of War 3 that is on the PS2, PS3, & now PS4?

kenshiro1001158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

...What? When was God of 3 on PS2?

It never gets old with you trolls does it?

callahan091158d ago

Damn! I forgot how long that Hades battle was. Haven't played this game in years... I remember that battle being very difficult on the hardest difficulty. I almost gave up at one point. I think when I play the remastered game I'll skip the highest difficulty and not try for another platinum, haha. That game was freaking hard.

TrollsBringer1158d ago

It's funny how you all would gladly pay to play the same game again with increased resolution and FPS while on PC it's all free. Well played, Sony.

gosukyomomma1158d ago

Oh so God of War is on PC now? /s

OT cant wait to rebuy this game one of my ps3 favourites!

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Erik73571159d ago

Pretty sure we are gonna at least get a announcement for god of war at e3.

PANDAB1159d ago

Remaster all of them and give me in one package damn you!

JJShredder1159d ago

Totally agree. I don't mind tastefull remasters and this isn't one of them.

Either needs to be all games or at least include a bunch of new content such as Master Chief Collection or Kingdom Hearts Remix.

_-EDMIX-_1159d ago

...they still need to actually fund those ports. Plus we don't really know how taxing it is to actually bring over a title like God Of War, it may not be as simple as Halo MCC, even that game needed other teams to help its development, ie United Fronts.

Even your own example of KH remix didn't just have all the titles released....they made a 1.5 and 2.5 version.

I'm fine with them doing this as GOW I, II and the PSP games have been put in 1080p 60fps before on PS3 and would likely be an easy job to just port over to PS4, only GOW III and Ascension will actually take a large amount of work to bring over. I think they should use GOWIII to fund Ascension's inevitable port.

Soo this concept of "tasteful" remasters makes no sense, they really don't have reasons to just always make huge collections for you. You could always just wait til the next one releases too.

Clogmaster1159d ago

I think they should do this, and they could import character models from this remaster and put them in the old games. Would save them a lot of time.

The animations weren't as good in the previous ones as well, so maybe they could import those as well. Kratos' twirl of death looked silly compared to how awesome he rotates the blades in the latest iterations.

Oner1159d ago

You get Free PlayStation Now rentals of GoW 1&2 as a pre-order bonus, so that is definitely a step in the right direction.

1159d ago