New Godzilla videogame screenshots feature Ghidorah, modes and new improvements

New Godzilla videogame screenshots feature some game modes, new improvements in addition to the Kaiju Mecha King Ghidorah.

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Rookie_Monster1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Man can't wait for this baby to drop on my PS4! It is one of those games that are critic proof just like those cheesy Godzilla Toho movies.

NiteX1159d ago

I guess this is the closest thing I will get to a War of the Monsters sequel. It would be great if there was a Pacific Rim type game as well.

WeAreLegion1159d ago

Someone is working on a Pacific Rim VR game.

Christopher1159d ago

Screenshots are too small to make out much of anything worthwhile, to be honest. Also, to the owner/admin of the site... doesn't at all help that you can't navigate from one image to another and instead force us to click on them individually twice just to view them at that extremely small size.

ThanatosDMC1159d ago


I was at least hoping for 1080p shots. Those were tiny and I have to click the thumbnail then click again to enlarge, and the enlarged picture was still tiny.

WizzroSupreme1159d ago

This looks great! Just hope some snotty nosed kid is in the game too to cheer Godzilla on!

MadMax1159d ago

Ive had the Japanese PS3 version since last Jan. Being a godzilla fan, its every G fans dream! Its a great game, all the destruction of buildings and everything. The PS4 version though looks alot better with vs mode being able to play as all the different monsters!

The import version did not allow you to play as any other monster, other than Godzilla himself. Will be selling my copy and getting PS4 version. Looks like some added characters to this version too.

miyamoto1159d ago

Nice one there, buddy.
This game can't come sooner.

MadMax1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Thx, and yes you guys that have yet to experience it are in for a good godzilla game finally. Godzilla games have never been quite good in the past, but this one finally has the Godzilla feel to it! Im just curious if there will be much of a difference in terms of graphics on the PS4 version.

He moves kinda slow, but feels powerful as he should. There are a good variety of famous monsters already in it, and i can imagine fan favorites like Varan, King Caesar, Minya, Gorosaurus, Anguirus, Rodan etc. making it to dlc maybe.

I think Godzilla save the earth was probably the second best Godzilla game we got, along with the ultra rare TurboGrafx16 game! Dreamcast ones werent too good. Ive known my Godzilla games throughout the years and this one is a real gem! Im all about Godzilla games and Xplus G vinyl figs!

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